Sunday, July 25, 2010

STASHED IN THE CLOSET - Foster Hewitt surprise

Things have been fairly busy is in from Toronto which means a thorough cleaning of my place.

Long time overdue....they need to come over more often.

Summertime is not a huge motivator for me to search down hockey cards and such. It's more of a time to get rid of some stuff taking up space in the basement.

I came across this item which brought back some great memories of when I picked it up.

This 1971 Hockey Hall Of Fame Yearbook was a cool find for me at a booksale that goes on here once a year. Huge boatloads of books are donated and so I scour the sports section and snag a bunch of hockey books.

Great prices too - hardcovers for a buck. Softcovers even less.

It gives a description of those who are currently enshrined in the HHOF. It also gives quick bios of players who are currently having All-Star type seasons.

I'm focusing on Foster Hewitt as he is a bit of an influence on my career. His career was legendary as well as ground-breaking. Guiding hockey fans from the radio days through the birth of television.

He was the voice of one of the most iconic goals ever scored - Paul Henderson in 1972.

So why is Foster a focus of this book?

Well, whadaya autographed inside cover of a Hall Of Fame icon.

For less than a buck. Nice!


  1. Wow, that's a definite bonus!

  2. Cool. Are you going to cut it out for a card? :-)

  3. I've thought about it. Not that ambitious quite yet.

  4. Yes, always great to find something rather unique like this to be treasured ...
    Have been a friend and involved in sports with nephew of Foster Hewitt for over 50 years so always like to see things come to light such as this find ...
    As you did not mention the other name signed below, Jack Dennett, one of the best radio sports men in Toronto for Radio CFRB for his entire career, thought you might like to look him up ...
    He was one of the nicest men one would ever wish to know and was a legend in the Toronto area ...
    Jack signed many things but nothing like what Foster would have ...
    All the best from a 63-year-old long-time collector with hundreds of thousands of sports cards of all types from the very early years until this VERY day ... COLONEL77

  5. Hi Clay,

    Thanks for that information. I was not aware of who the other autograph belonged to. I will have to do a little research.

    Thanks for the comment and cheers!