Sunday, September 26, 2010

1 vs. 100 - Another Significant Number

Another mailday lends to another add to the rapidly growing 1 vs. 100 project. This one is from another 'Significant Numbers' set. These sets are so key to the completion of my collection.

This card is from a year that hasn't made an appearance yet in my project....which adds to the enjoyment factor.

It would be great to try and get a different set release card for each of the 100 cards, but that would pretty much kill the chance of getting the project done.

I do look for variety, but find it tough to pass up a card when it presents itself.

Anyways, here's the latest to go in the collection pile.

2007/08 SP Game Used
Significant Numbers
#SN-GF Grant Fuhr /31

A pretty cool looking card say for the boring white jersey piece and the least cool photo of Grant in an Oilers uniform they could find.

Why not have him in his early 80's heyday where his 'fro would be popping out of his fibreglass mask. Now that would have been sweet.

Nevertheless, it's another lower numbered card that I am thrilled to add to the project.

Slowly getting closer and there's more fun to come.

58 out of 100 (58%)

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