Monday, September 20, 2010

1 vs. 100 - An Auto-Draft Mailday

A big purchase from one of the hobby boards I am a part of is responsible for this mailday.

A great insert set, the 2005/06 SP Game Used 'Auto Draft' set has inserts numbered to the draft position of the player.

A pretty cool design with team colors that really pop and a well placed sticker autograph make these cards some of the nicer ones in my project.

Eric Daze /90

Poor guy was a force early on in his career, but if you can't stay are soon forgotten.

Milan Hejduk /87

I didn't realize he was that low of a pick. Nowadays though, you can see guys 100 or so places lower make it. Nice picture. Looks like he's at graduation.

Jochen Hecht /49

Would he go in the 'underachiever' category? How about 'work in progress'? 'Journeyman'? For a guy drafted 15 years ago, he better hurry up and have a career before it's over.

Kristian Huselius /47

I know this one......'one dimensional player'. If he could do more than just score 30 goals a season - anything else, he would be a much more valuable commodity. Until then, he will be slapped with the 'what if'.

Timofei Shishkanov /33

Never heard of him. Kind of sad as he's the one with the highest draft position out of the 5 in this post.

Thanks for having a card.

57 out of 100 (57%)

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  1. Nice pickups. I've never seen that set before, but it's pretty cool.