Friday, September 24, 2010

Custom Creations: Boba Fett...Boba Awesome!

Well, my 8-year-old nephew was a big fan of the custom sketch cards. So much so that I am prepping a half-dozen more for him this weekend.

What I think we both enjoyed about it (other than working on these together) was that it was just so ridiculously simple. I can't believe I didn't get the itch to do this earlier. It was just so much fun.

Without further is my nephew's first Star Wars Custom Sketch Card.

Boba Fett was a great choice. Immediately recognizable and 'sans face'. Faces are so hard....masks are so much more fun.

My niece was pretty interested in what we were doing, so we invited her to draw up a card herself. I think the results were pretty nice.

I think the word 'cute' was used a couple thousand times.

Nice work - both of you.

This was my contribution to the sketches. Again, the fact I didn't have to draw a face made this card turn out a lot better than I expected.

I'll post more when I can get them away from the kids.

Thanks for the look.


  1. Awesome! Talent runs in your family I see. :)

  2. Interesting idea! Nice drawings by all! Way better than I'm capable of. Although, I can do a mean stick figure Leia in a bikini! Anyway, I was wondering if the card is completely flat or if the drawing is recessed behind the silver border of the card?

  3. The card is completely flat. I printed out a 'blank' with just the border and the bottom text. That leaves just an empty space to draw the picture in. I also decided to to color the wraparound border in order to add more of a unique and tailored look to the card.

    I bought some thick card stock paper to print the 'blanks' out on. It's Entrada Rag Natural and it is 300 lb which is a much thicker paper than normal (had to kind of give it a shove to get it through the printer). It's by MOAB and ends up being a little over a buck a sheet. But I can get 6 cards on it so it's not too bad a price per card.

    Anyways, they scan really good when done...adding to the coolness. :)