Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Jaroslav Svejkovsky

It's not for the lack of crappy cards that has kept me from posting 'bike spoke' worthy pieces of cardboard recently. It's been a summer of busy work.

That said, let's get back to celebrating the best of the worst.

1997/98 Donruss Canadian Ice Rookie Jaroslav Svejkovsky #143

Poor guy. A promising career in the Czech Republic junior leagues, a stud season in the WHL (70GP, 58G, 43A, 101PTS) and being named Rookie Of The Year in the AHL in 1997 gave great promise to the Capitals that some offence would be coming their way.

Two words destroyed that all - knee surgery.

Only a cup of coffee for Slav in the NHL...113 total games played and only 23 goals.

Maybe his knee problems were as a result for the nasty spill depicted in this photo.

Donruss, a company I enjoyed for as a result of solid photography, really crapped the bed on this one. How they thought that this was a photo befitting of a rookie card is beyond me.

Obviously, the only explanation could possibly be that this is the only existing photo of Svejkovsky in existence. That has to be it.

Maybe this card should be considered more valuable than I give it credit for.


To the poor photo editors at Donruss and you #34.....



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