Saturday, October 16, 2010

1 vs. 100 - Significant Numbers

A trip to the monthly card show landed me SIX new additions to the 1 vs. 100 project. A huge day!

I grabbed one from a table early and then made a huge trade to snag the other five.

2009/10 SP Game Used
Significant Numbers Jason Pomminville /29

This one was priced just a little higher than I would have liked. I passed on it originally, but found some other stuff I had on my wantlist and so packaged it together. In the end, it made it into my collection for a price that I am happy with.

2005/06 SP Game Used
Significant Numbers Jeremy Roenick /97

This card starts the five that made up the big trade. Roenick and his card /97 is a nice one to cross off the list, but is not nearly the card to write home about.

2005/06 SP Game Used
Significant Numbers Doug Weight /39

Now we're talkin'. Not because it is Doug Weight....but because it's a card numbered to 39. We're already into cards less than 40. Nice.

2005/06 SP Game Used
Significant Numbers Mike Peca /37

Another one in the thirties. My question is....What makes Mike Peca so significant? Whatever.

2005/06 SP Game Used
Significant Numbers Martin St. Louis /26

A great add for me. A lower numbered card and a great player to boot. This set really helped me out today.

2008/09 SP Game Used
Significant Numbers Shea Weber /6

Now we're cookin'. This card could possibly be the biggest pickup for my project so far.

While I do have cards /1 and /5, both believe it or not are more common to find than a card /6.

I was always worried about how much it might cost me to land cards numbered less than 10. You don't put scrub players on cards with such a low serial number.

The above five cards came to me in what I would consider a blockbuster trade. It was those 5 for a single card I had. It was tough to give it up, but I had it in my traders for a reason. You trade stuff you don't want or don't need for cards you do.

I felt it was a fair trade and both sides were happy. What more can you ask.

A big day and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

64 out of 100 cards (64%)


  1. From the looks of those autographs, I'm thinking you have some fodder for future Scribble vs. Scribe posts.

    Nice job, though, getting that 2/6 card.

  2. No kidding. And these guys aren't spring chickens.

    One other thing I found at today's show was a couple nicer autographs from current players. Who'd have thunk it.

  3. That Roenick card is awesome! This is the first time I've seen this project... pretty cool idea. Best of luck in your completion.