Monday, October 18, 2010

BOX BREAK: 5 Packs of 2002/03 Pacific Heads Up

Here's another product break from a card show pickup back in September. One of the tables had some great Pacific packs for just a buck a piece. I thought it would be some fun breaks as well as an assist for my 'One Sheet, One Set' project.

One thing I am learning....Pacific cards from almost 10 years ago do not scan very well.

2002/03 Pacific Heads Up
5 packs (3 cards per pack)

This is a simple 125-card release with a bunch of insert sets. In each pack was also a redemption form for the 20-card Rookie Update set. Those cards are numbered out of 1000 and were only available by purchasing them via the redemption.

Like I said, they don't scan well (the cards look much nicer in person). They are a mighty shiny card with a mirror-like foil background on them.

A good player selection and a decent card design makes this a nice simple set to build if you happen to find some packs for a good price.

Singles still book for .30 to $2 with the high end cards being Patrick Roy ($5), Steve Yzerman ($5) and Mario Lemieux ($6) although I'm sure they would be easy pickups for mere pocket change.

The big rookies in the set are Rick Nash and Henrik Zetterberg. I only with they were pack inserted. Those would have been fun to pull.

In my five pack break, this was my only insert. I was a little disappointed as there are a number of insert sets available. Your typical Pacific variety.

Some insert sets (like the one I got) are ratio'd 1:10 packs, while others (like the Etched In Time set) are 1:289 packs. Longshots for sure.

There are also quad jersey cards available in the product which I have found are pretty popular. There are also parallels numbered out of 30 which can bring in a fair penny.

A definite potpourri of cards to go after with this release.

The most interesting thing I found with my five pack break is that I hit 4 goalie cards from New York-based teams. Odd. want odd? Check out Dan Blackburn's double-blocker set-up.

And now.....a little segue.

Dan was a highly touted goalie for the Rangers right after the Mike Richter era. Mike had a career ending injury and Blackburn was thrust into the Rangers starting gig. He was pegged as the next big New York goalie.

Blackburn's NHL debut was a memorable 1-0 shutout performance vs. the Calgary Flames. However, he ended up playing only a grand total of 63 games in the NHL going 20-32-11 with just the lone shutout.

His career was sadly cut short due to an injury to his left shoulder. The nerve damaged caused left him incapable of rotating his glove hand.

Initially refusing to give up, Dan decided to try the double-blocker method. In 2005 he started his comeback by joining the ECHL Victoria Salmon Kings going 3–9–0 in 12 games.

He then attended Rangers training camp where he suffered a strained MCL. Subsequently, Blackburn gave up on trying to return to the NHL and announced his retirement. Had Blackburn continued to attempt a comeback, he would have forfeited an insurance payout of approximately 6 million dollars.

What could have been of Dan Blackburn had he not suffered the injury?

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  1. that's a cool story about Blackburn. I didn't know that.
    I would've liked to see a game of his playing with the double blocker...