Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WHO AM I? - Things Are A Little Clearer

With only two guesses submitted, I am assuming one of two things...either I stumped you all with some outrageously difficult signatures, or I've stumped you all with a vague clue.

Regardless, only 'jeff0120' came the closest getting the first two but missing the third (right idea....wrong player)

The clues....'head scratcher' and 'aren't too sharp' as well as all three being out of the game right now.

You guessed it - all of them have had their bells rung. Concussions are the common thread.

Here are the names that go with the signatures.

Matthew Lombardi

David Perron

Peter Mueller

Better luck next time!


  1. Wow. The Lombardi and Mueller autos are trainwrecks. You can't make out, even the slightest resemblance to their names. At least the Perron auto looks a bit like David at the beginning. Geez.

  2. Sorry, man, been busy the past few days at work.

  3. dogfacedgremlin:
    That's the nature of autographs these days. Sad.

    No worries! In my head, I'm going with the "I've totally stumped you". :)

    All in fun!

  4. You're right, not a single one jumped out in immediate recognition.

    I might have gotten Matthew Lombardi, maybe. Perron, but only if I thought about the Blues. Mueller? I've never gotten his autograph, so I'll give you that one.

    To my defense, we had a terrible tragedy (two police officers shot and killed) down here in St. Petersburg two days ago, so things have been pretty busy at the newspaper.

  5. No need to defend yourself. Completely understandable (and terribly unfortunate news).

    Stay well.