Thursday, June 23, 2011

STASHED IN THE CLOSET - 1987 Team Canada Photo Set

Tonight was the first time in weeks.... dare I say months, where I did absolutely nothing.

And I loved it!

It gave me a chance to recharge my battery, catch up on a few things I let slip for too long and it allowed me to throw together a couple blog posts.

I decided to rummage through the ol' closet to do another show and tell of some oddball stuff in my collection.

Here goes.

What we have here is a 4-sheet set of headshots from the 1987 Canadian Team participating in that year's Canada Cup.

I picked these up at an antique show a few years ago. The guy I bought them off of used to work at a newspaper and these 8x10's were used as the 'go to' headshots when photos were needed to support a writer's article.

Back in the day (before computers took over), filing cabinet upon filing cabinet was full of these types of documents for 'file' purposes.

In the mid-90's, the NHL moved away from the 8x10 and went to slides. Those only lasted a couple years before everything went digital.

Nowadays, they probably don't even put them on disc, I'm sure it's just a download or something.

Gretzky to Lemieux. For those in my generation, it was THE GOAL. It was bigger than Henderson in 1972, it was bigger than Bobby Orr's Cup winner. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen to that point with my own eyes (and it still impresses).


Obviously, the big coup when it comes to this set of photos is the player selection. Gretzky, Lemieux (Mario that is), Gilmour, Hawerchuk, Coffey, Roy.

Wait....Patrick Roy?

If I remember correctly, he was never on the 1987 team. He was snubbed by Glen Sather, who picked Grant Fuhr for the job instead.

What I love is that Roy was still photographed and included in this team set.

What a rare addition.

And how about that photo of Steve Yzerman? Can you say 'deer in headlights'? Maybe that's why he was snubbed for so long in international play.