Friday, October 28, 2011


Wow....almost a full week between posts. Work was a 'fun' one this week. One thing I enjoy about my job is that there are rock-solid deadline days. What I hate about my job sometimes.......rock-solid deadline days.

Yesterday was one of those days.

The good news is today will be a breeze (maybe even a little movie watching at work) and I've got an extra long weekend as I'm taking a few days off next week.

But enough about that....on to the card.

Warning: The following image might be disturbing in nature.....if you're a Buffalo Sabres fan.

2011/12 Upper Deck
Parkhurst Champions
#105 Brett Hull

Last week, I was introduced to the 'wire image photo' cards inserted into this year's Parkhurst product. Every time I see one, I'm drawn to it.

This one was a must have as soon as it was pack pulled from a game of pack wars.

Not only does it have great view of such a controversial moment, but it's timed as such to show almost the exact time that the infraction in question was made.

Hasek is his usual self....sprawled out on the ice, flopping around like a fish trying to stop the puck (hey, whatever works), and Hull is ever the opportunist.

The black & white tinting of the shot really adds to that 'news' feel. Capturing a moment...for posterity.

What confuses me a bit is text at the bottom of the card. It states that Mike Modano (9) is looking on.

Now I'm no expert in hockey, but even an untrained eye can see that Mike Modano does not appear in the shot.

This makes me wonder if these wire photo cards use actual wire photos and captions? Or if Upper Deck writes their own captions?

Either way, an avoidable blunder on what otherwise is an outstanding card.

.....unless you're a Buffalo Sabres fan.


  1. Now we're talking being creative. Nice idea UD.

  2. Modano is actually just off to the right...out of this photo, but possibly visible in a larger version before it was cut to card size? Just a guess.

  3. the wire photos look like the real thing-I've probably got 10000 of them--either the photo is cropped or they mistake Holzinger as number nine--they sometimes made mistakes on the original and sent a correction for the text later if needed