Monday, February 20, 2012

RAISE THE CUP - I Can't Believe It

Why? Why does he haunt me? Why can't he just not be a part of my hobby?

But when I come across cards like this one, I have to give it the credit it's due.

And it absolutely pains me to say this.

Deep goes.

1994/95 Pinnacle
#300 Mark Messier

This is one great looking card.

Blach! I need to wash my mouth out with soap.

In all seriousness though, this card really looks cool with the stadium filled with fans in the background and Messier not acting like a goof in the foreground.

It's nice. It's going in the binder.

Let's move on.

At last week's Trader Night, Brian (Captain Canuck) sifted through a handful of cards he thought I might need for this project. A couple of them I already had, a couple didn't have the player raising the Cup over their head (which is a stipulation of the collection) and a couple I thought I needed.

Sadly, this Cournoyer is already in the pc. I think I need to make a list or take some pics of the binder sheets to keep with me. Sorry about that Brian.

If it's worth anything, I'm replacing the one I already have with the one you gave me.

Small consolation.

2010/11 Panini Certified
Certified Champions
#JT Jonathan Toews

Brian also gave me this one, which comes from a cool insert set that I'd like to think I inspired.

And while I still need a few cards from the set, this one is a little different. This one actually gets a spot in the binder.

Here's why.

The set is serial numbered to 500. The Toews though is without any stamped numbering. It's a promo card of some sort. Well this makes for the perfect card to be added to the project.

I can still build the insert set while adding a unique card to my 'Raise The Cup' project. A cool concept (I'm glad they're continuing with them in this year's release).

Thanks Brian.

So that's 2 more for the binder. Flipping through the pages, it's pretty neat to see them all together.

Current Collection - 73 cards

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