Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MY COLLECTION: A Slew Of Good Things

Yesterday I received a fantastic 'thank you' package from Casey over at Drop The Gloves!.  A while back I built a custom cut auto of Reggie Lewis for him and this was his way of letting me know how much he appreciated my work.

I don't want to diminish the cards (because they are very cool), but the gesture in itself is more than enough.  Thanks Casey for the fantastic gift.

As I always good things and good things happen.

So without further ado, let's check out some of the goods.

BAM!!!!!  Right off the bat.  This card is awesome!

I have seen numerous articles about this card.  It's constantly on the 'top baseball cards of all time' list and I've wanted a copy of it for quite some time.

It is a stunner.

In fact, I like it so much, I'm making it a part of my little shrine at work.  I know the guys will get a huge kick out of it.  They thought I was a card geek before.....this'll put things over the top.

I literally jumped out of my chair when I saw this card.  It'll always bring a smile to my face.  And if you readers have a a Google search for Oscar Gamble hair (good times).

Some non-sport now.  I like the change-up.  I've never even seen some of these cards (not all of them have been scanned).  But that Buffalo Bill card is downright awesome.  The companies these days with the retro sets really do a nice job.

Goalies.  Lots and lots of goalies.  Good choice.  I love 'em.  Their masks are fun to look at and they are an eccentric bunch to say the least.

Again, too many to scan so here are the selects.

Oh, and when I say goalies.....I mean the vintage dudes too.  And these cards are in really nice shape.

Casey included a number of the 70/71 singles....more than enough to build a very solid 'One Sheet, One Set' page.  Thanks very much for that.

Speaking of....I received a great selection of OPC Legends.  These are always a favorite subset.  The Fuhr and Bossy rock.

More Legends.  Love the helmetless look.  The game seemed to have more character and grace back then.  Of course I say that and look at Gordie there.  Can your elbows have grace?

Me thinks so.

The cards Casey sent were really way too much.  But when I saw this dual patch card, my jaw dropped.  This is a fantastic piece with two great swatches.

I gotta say, a huge thank you for the kind gifts.  As much as I love the cards, the gesture is what resonates with me.

Makes me motivated to do more good things.

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