Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RATE MY MASK - Mike Smith

I just finished watching the conclusion to a great Western Conference Final series and while I believe the better team won, I can't help but feel a little for Phoenix goalie Mike Smith.

This past season, Smith upped his game to a level that I never expected from him (and I'm sure a lot of people felt the same way).  His performance during the playoffs was even more impressive.  I'm looking forward to what he brings to the table next season.

While Jonathan Quick and Henrik Lundqvist will probably get a lot of talk in the Finals (sorry Marty.......I'm rooting for you), Smith will sadly be overshadowed now that he and his team have been bumped from the playoffs.

So I thought I'd give him a little face time - literally.  After all, he has one of my favorite masks worn this past season.

For those of you not familiar with the Looney Tunes, Smith's lid depicts that crazy coyote constantly on the hunt for the Road Runner.  Wile E. Coyote might just be one of my favorite cartoon characters growing up.  If you had to judge by laugh meter alone....I'd say he's on top.

Here's a little sampling...


Back to Mike's mask.  What I really like about it is that the coyote completely engulfs the mask.  It's like the Cujo mask (or mask types) where the paint job works with the mask shape itself.  But in this instance, Wile E. just 360's around it.

Case in point.....the top of the mask really gives a great look at the coyote's face (and menacing glare).  There's some great color use and solid detail in the depiction.

A wider look at the side shows how the coyote is not just wrapped around the mask, but he's playing goal.  Complete with the vintage pads and equipment of the time.

And with the entire mask dedicated to this design style, it's only fitting that the backplate follows suit.
I think that just completes the mask perfectly.  By the way,  the "A. Smith" painted as the nameplate stands for Aksel Smith, the son Mike and his wife Brigitte welcomed last summer.

But if that weren't enough......this should take the cake.  Clearly evident on the left-hand side of the mask.

That little feather is just a precursor to what is shown on the front of the mask.

Yup.....Wile E. Coyote finally got the Road Runner.  Complete with the ACME stick and all.

Check out those eyes on the coyote.  What a great sight to be barreling in on.  Like I said, one of my faves this past year (and it takes the cake in terms of Looney Tunes themed lids.....sorry Patrick Lalime).

Here's a little blurb Smith has on his mask (at about the 3:20 mark).  It's the first incarnation of the mask, which was refined to the version you see above.

That's All Folks!

4.5 out of 5

Now it's your turn to Rate My Mask!


  1. I had seen the mask and thought it was a cool idea - but I never noticed all the details.

    Great Post - I learn something new everytime I drop by.

    -Anonymous Paul-

  2. Who doesn't love Wile E? Especially when he was dueling with Bugs! 4/5

  3. 5 OUT OF 5

    Favorite mask in the NHL!

  4. Smith's mask is one of my favorites. I was glad to see him do so well, even if it came at the Lightning's expense. One of Steve Yzerman's biggest mistakes, so far, as Tampa Bay's GM.