Monday, June 11, 2012


Well, with the Kings finally capping off one heck of a great playoff run, we can finally put to bed the 2011/12 hockey season.  I'll admit, ever since my pools went down the crapper, I've been less than excited about the hockey.  It's just too nice outside and the breaks between games are too much.

Add to that, the end of the season for hockey card shows.  Last weekend was the final time tables will be set up until September.......and I missed it (work....and lots of it).  I'll admit, I'm ok with a little less hockey cards this time of year.  When I'm not knee deep in work, I actually try to do some golfing and spending time with my niece and nephew as they take progress in their various sports adventures.

Lulls......they are a good thing.  I've picked up only a couple items on ebay over the past month or so (the last one actually made me think about 'lulls'....I feel like I bought the cards because I was bored!  They're good cards...don't get me wrong...but I don't think I would have bought them if it were the middle of winter and I was knee deep in Linden findings).

Lulls also give me a chance to do a 'reset' of sorts when it comes to my collecting.  Cleaning the slate so I can start fresh when the time comes to shift things into gear.

Cleaning the slate for me means getting my wantlists up to date, boxing up my cards into their appropriate boxes (traders, sets, pc, etc.) and most importantly, get some of my customs work finished.  That's been the one area that has been lacking in the time department completely.

But lulls don't mean a complete stop for me.  I still continue to do my daily searches for cards and it will most definitely include posting to my blog (something that has become a solid part of my organization).  One thing I have been pondering during this lull is sort of a 'bucket list' for my collecting. 

I know there are people out there that have lifelong dreams of things they would like to do or places they would like to go.  I have a few things from a collecting standpoint that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime.  I was thinking of writing them down (maybe even sharing them) and maybe taking the first steps to accomplishing them.  Who knows....this lull could be the perfect kick in the rear I need.

Do you enjoy the summertime lull?  Is there ever a time where collecting or the hobby just seem to get pushed even further down the priority list?  Does it bother you when there is such a lull?

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  1. I don't really have a lull when it comes to collecting. I keep at it consistently. The only lull that was uncomfortable was the lock out. The products lacked substance and Pacific was going the way of the Dodo. I miss Pacific and wished they were still here.
    I wish I had time to clean up my lists and whatnot, but I spend too much time with my collecting as it is. My wife would kill me otherwise LOL