Monday, September 10, 2012

Uh-oh! 'The Cup' Runneth Me Over!

It's official!  The start of the 2012/13 collecting season will be unlike any other I have ever encountered.  Once again, I will be heading into uncharted territories.

All of this due to one of the final releases of the 2011/12 season - Upper Deck's 'The Cup'.

This super-high-end product hosts a tremendous amount of punch.  Rookies, patched, low-numbered parallels, printing plates and jersey tag cards.  In previous years, Linden has appeared in a grand total of one card (a dual tag card featuring him and Roberto went for some solid coin).

Upper Deck has decided to put him in this year's offering full force.  Here's the lowdown...

A base card numbered /249
A gold parallel /25
A black parallel 1/1

A jersey card /25
A patch card /10
A tag card (with an auto) 1/1

A dual shield/auto card with Ryan Kesler 1/1

An auto card /50

Another jersey card /25
A jersey/auto parallel /15
A patch parallel /10
A patch/auto parallel /5

An 'Honorable Numbers' dual patch/auto card with Brett Hull /16

A 'Limited Logos' card /50

And to top it off, 4 different autographed printing plates (each a 1/1)

By my count, that's 18 cards in total to add to the wantlist.  I don't even want to think about how much all of this will cost when it hits the open market.

Realistically, I think I could eventually nail down half to two-thirds of the list, but it's going to take some time or some deep pockets - or both.  And deep pockets is something I don't really have.  I can dip the toe in the deep end once in a while, but I've never dove in.  And I don't know if I'm ready to either.

Hoo-boy.  Wish me luck.


  1. I'll meet you at the shop on Wednesday. You can crack open a couple of packs, and I'll say, 'I told you so' when you start to cry.

    I'm here for you.

    1. I'm sure there will be some crying involved at some point. I'm emotional like that.

      Now is trade night this Wednesday or next? I thought it was the 19th.

  2. I can't imagine how exciting/disappointing this is for you. :-) At least it would be for me. I'd be excited by all the possible extensions of my collection, but a little disappointed about what it's going to cost. I'd basically be praying for Upper Deck to keep my player to 3 or 4 cards a year! Keeps me interested, but doesn't break my bank! You must be on quite the roller coaster collecting this Linden guy every year.

    1. It is very exciting and worry some all at the same time.

      I totally agree with your thought. Having a product where my player shod up 3-4 times would be perfect. It has happened a couple times this year (SP Authentic and Crown Royale).

      Busting the wallet is not fun when trying to collect.

      We'll see how it goes. The first few cards have trickled onto eBay and it has been not too bad. Of course I haven't pulled the trigger yet myself. I'll be waiting for the card show on the weekend.