Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BEHIND THE MASKS - An Inspired Tim Thomas

I'll's been nice over the past week.  After what was a record-setting October for posts on my blog (one that I don't think will ever be broken), I haven' typed a word since.

Until now.

A quick note on my (what I consider a very successful) 30 in 30 project.  I will have a full wrap-up this weekend.  And moving forward, I think I'll do a little mini write-up/review of future sports docs I watch.  The biggest thing I've learned is that I absolutely love the documentary genre and will be seeking out many more titles in the months and years to come.

I was also the fortunate recipient of a couple gifts this past week from two  fellow bloggers.  I'll have some detailed show & tell posts coming up.  In the meantime - Thank You!  You know who you are.

Now on to a nice goalie mask pickup from this week.

2010/11 ITG Between The Pipes
Inspired Masks
#IM-02 Tim Thomas

This card comes from a slick looking set that Between The Pipes decided to insert into their product a couple seasons ago.

At first, I decided to sit back and watch as the prices on these singles were pretty high.  I guess a lot of people were chasing this insert set.

I've managed to pick up about half of the 13-card set to this point and have done so by trades and inexpensive purchases.  This Thomas fits into the latter.

I will occasionally do a random ebay search for various goalie mask cards (old Pinnacle Masks, Topps Pristine Minis and these Inspired Masks).  My most recent search had me staring at this beaut.  I tossed a minimum bid on it and a few days later was paying for my new purchase.

This card is obviously very simple in design but I like it.  It makes it much easier to appreciate the artist's work in depicting not just the goalie, but their mask as well.

On Timmy's lid (from the 2010 Winter Classic) is longtime Boston announcer Fred Cusick.  The background of yellow with snowflakes really sets the "outdoor game" tone.  I'm always amazed at how much detail can be pushed into these drawings and the likeness is bang on.

One more for the collection and another one off the list.  Can't get much simpler than that.


  1. Nice pickup! Love this set, although I wish they would've included Jimmy Howard.

    1. With the Inspired Masks set, all the goalie masks include important figures painted on their mask. Fred Cusick in this case.

      For Howard, they would have had to have gone with his backplate that is a tribute to three Lokomotiv members (McCrimmon, Salei and Liv).

      That would have been a cool card without question.

    2. Oh, I guess I didn't realize that about this set.

    3. Yeah. It was a different concept for these lids. I kind of liked it. It would have been great to get a quick interview snippet from the player talking about the "inspiration" on his mask. Would have made it much more of a personal card.

  2. I've never seen this set before but I love it. Or maybe I just love this card (i'd have to see more to formulate a proper opinion). I think what I like best is the prominence of Fred Cusick on his lid; he was the voice of the B's for a long time and I remember it quite well.

    Nice grab!