Saturday, January 26, 2013

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - A Nice Way To Wrap Up A Week

Man this month is going by quick.

From a hobby standpoint it has been a pretty solid one.  Not too busy...not too slow.  I've picked up some nice items for my Linden pc including some beauties I'll be showing off in a moment.  One card was such a surprise to find - it might just be the nicest one I've found locally.

I've been in the habit of going to the library once a week to do some reading (for my '12 in 12' project).  I've even got my niece and nephew involved.....very cool.  I'm right on track to finish the book next week.

I've been working on some of the customs that have been on the plate for far too long.  I'm looking to keep on that this weekend and hopefully can get one or two requests completed 100% over the next couple days.

I've also been scanning my traders - something that has been in dire need of updating.  I've come up with a pretty good routine that makes it not so tedious and not so difficult.  Even more boring than the scanning will be the documenting (I'm not really looking forward to that).

A pretty good start to the year if you ask me.

Now....on to the Lindens.

Three items to show off tonight.  The first comes from a trade - I love getting pc cards this way.  So much more fun than buying them.  It's tougher to trade for a few reasons.  Some Linden cards are very sought after so I can understand when people want to maximize their profit.  Lower-end Lindens are better for trading...but there aren't too many of them out there.

What I've done is purposefully hold off in buying some of these low-end items in the hopes of working out a trade down the road.  Score one for the good guys tonight.

2012/13 Panini Classics
#45 Classics Signatures

This base parallel auto completes the four card Classics pursuit.  Fun, fairly quick and not too expensive.  Exactly what I'm looking for in a pc chase.

The signature versions of this base card are exactly like their unsigned counterpart say for two things.  The auto (of course) which is hard-signed by the way and the card surface.  The signed cards have a glossier finish to them.

So be sure to check your auto cards from this set before you go buy one.  Having the player sign in person can lead to some unauthentic issues out there.  There is also a line on the back indicating the signed versions.

2011/12 Upper Deck SP Authentic
#49 Limited Auto/Patch  /25

This was a card on the wantlist for a little while.  I had passed over a few copies because of the single color patch (cards this limited should not have a one-color piece of jersey or especially patch in it....period).  I balked on a couple as well because the price was a little higher than I wanted to spend.

Well, my patience had me panicking a bit.  With only 25 copies of the card, the "supply" dried up while my "demand" grew.

When I saw this copy hit ebay, I thought about it for a bit.  The price was right around what I was looking to spend and even better....I knew the seller - a fellow Linden collector.

I contacted him and asked what his rock bottom price was and he shared what he paid for the item.  He said he'd be happy to sell it to me for about that price.  I paused slightly but knew that it was a good pickup.

It didn't take long for the card to arrive and I was pumped to see it.  And let me take a moment to say that it was one of the nicest packing jobs I've seen in a while.  Well protected, well packaged, even the name and address were protected by clear packing tape.  Thanks very much for that.

But it gets better.

This in-person autographed Esso Olympics card was included as a gift.  Man is it ever nice.  In fact, it's one of the nicest Linden autos I have.

A large surface to sign on and a solid sharpie swirl made this signature tops on the list.

Not much more to say other thank thank you very much Elliot for the kind gift.  It definitely made my day.


  1. Who was #16 for Team Canada? Goulet?

    1. Hey.......interesting catch. I've never noticed this.

      Linden wore 16 at the Olympics. He wore 18 at the World Cup of Hockey two years prior.


  2. It took FOREVER...... But I found it.

    Pat Verbeek got the coveted #16 at the '96 World Cup of Hockey.

    1. Though he only played one game in the tournament.

      A waste of a perfectly good number 16 jersey if you ask me.

  3. This SP authetics limited auto patch is very beautiful ! I have Stephane Da Costa in my blog, limited on ***/100
    I like this series !

    1. It is indeed a nice series. For a product that is heavy on autographs, this is a nice chase.

      That Da Costa is a nice one.

    2. Linden card is it for sale? (sp authentics auto patch). thanks

    3. I'd consider it....but it wouldn't be cheap. They were going for $90-100 and is on par with what I paid.

      Post a comment if you're still interested.

    4. Sorry mvp55....I'm not on Facebook.

      If you have an offer, by all means let me know. But I'd need to know soon. I do know of another copy but am not sure how long it is available.

    5. Sorry mvp55, I found out that the other copy is no longer available so my copy is now off the market.

      Sorry for any inconvenience.