Saturday, February 16, 2013


Well.....that I'm holding.

To turn the preverbal frown upside down and because I was the recent recipient of some very generous gifts....and "just because", I am holding my first ever contest.

And it's a pretty simple contest to enter.  Just post a comment in this thread and've entered.

I'll also invite you to mention somebody who has made the hobby more fun for you.  Be it a great trader, good talker or kind person at a show.  Let's hear the good stories.

The contest will run until the final horn (or final shootout goal) of the late game on Hockey Night in Canada (Minnesota vs. Calgary) on Saturday, Feb. 23.

Now on to the prize....

There will be one winner (to be chosen via time) and he/she will receive the following (it's tough to figure out what people like, so I'm going with a good mixed bag IMO).

One rookie card of a current star
One vintage rookie card of a Hall of Famer (and it's a nice looking one too)
One hard-signed autograph card of a current star
One hard-signed autograph of a Hall of Famer
One jersey card of a current star
One patch card numbered to 25
One parallel card numbered to 25
One stick card
One glove card
One Trevor Linden card (just cuz he's my guy)

So that's 10 cards altogether.

I'm posting this contest on my blog as well as Hobby Insider (the hobby board I belong to and most post on) and I would appreciate it if everybody only enters once.

I will do my best to record the thing (as I've never done it before) but if I can't, then I will make sure the random occurs in front of a reputable witness.

Good luck to all  and thanks very much for making the hobby a better place for me.



  1. Well, might as well.
    Here's the post.
    And as for someone who makes this hobby more enjoyable for me, it would happen to be a buddy from CnC. We met in Richmond, B.C. soon after meeting on blog.TV, hung out, broke packs, and 7 trades, and a few helping hands here and there, we've both helped each other in many ways. We've made the hobby that much more enjoyable because of that.

    Also, partial suck-up, but the bloggers like you who aren't afraid to post their thoughts, show off cards, and tell some fun stories make my stay in the hobby enjoyable. It's always great to see people in it for the right reasons and showing that passion for collecting that I like to think I have.
    So thank you for that, and for this contest!

    - Trevor

  2. Wow....Wow....Wow....

    Please count me in and thank you for opportunity to win some serious cardboard!

  3. Count me in! Thanks for an awesome contest!

  4. I'm in. I enjoy reading your blog!

  5. Nice idea, and a great prize.

    As for someone who has made the hobby better for me, I have to say that the whole community of the Finnish card forum has been a huge impact in both relighting the fire in me to start collecting again, and enabling me to get in touch with many collectors to trade with.

  6. I'll enter. Why not?

    What makes this hobby enjoyable for me (barring the hiatus I have recently had) is all the other collector's out there. The fact that everyone is so generous in the blogging community speaks volumes to the kind of people we have in this great hobby. There are so many people out there that I can claim "positive influences" on, I wouldn't even know where to start. Lets just say many of them are right over here ------------------------------>>

  7. I don't have a particular person but having discovered this great community of bloggers over the past 3 or four years has made collecting a lot more fun. Thanks for being one of them and for the great contest.

  8. Count me in--Sal at PuckJunk is my man--his was the first blog I read and he inspired me to start my own--he also gave me some tips on how to improve my blog--we've one favours for each other and that makes it more enjoyable

  9. Count me in for this one.

    And I would have to give a shout-out to a college buddy of mine who runs It's a baseball card blog, but he's the one who got me into blogging to begin with a couple of years ago.

  10. Wow - that is an amazing contest.

    As for people who have made the hobby more enjoyable:. You and Casey (at Drop the Gloves) for reminding me that it does not always have to be about money and business. 'Treasures' can be uncovered in the dime box at the card show.

  11. Count me in! Ive been collecting as a kid and than reading bloggers like you definitely adds fuel to the fire and makes me want to keep the hobby alive and well... thanks for the awesome contest!

  12. Great contest! The many blogs such as yours and puckjunk have made the hobby a lot of fun for me...It is cool to see all the box breaks and rare cards you guys collect in addition to another outlet besides Beckett for hobby info.

  13. Alright, AWESOME. I am definitely in for a sweet contest of some free cards.

    Been a huge pleasure to read all of your posts. Looking forward to reading much more in the future too.

  14. Wow... impressive prizes. In terms of hobby happiness, I'll break it down into three parts.

    Family - I love the fact that both of my nephews collect cards. They're not as active as I am, but they still get excited about busting open packs.

    Friends - Most of my friends aren't collectors. But one of my best buddies has been collecting almost as long as I have. These days he's more of a dealer than a collector, but it's nice to be able to talk "cardboard" with a buddy.

    Online Community - Between the blogworld and online forums, there are just too many people to name. But I wouldn't be the collector I am today without the internet. One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is read other collectors blog posts.

  15. Count me in Brett! I have to say that Collecting for Kicks would've never happened if I hadn't come across your blog years back. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Thank you for the contest!

    As for who has made this hobby better for me, it is definitely Sal from Puck Junk . His blog is the first card/sports blog I started to read, and it inspired me to start my own blog. He has been very nice and generous and helped me out a lot along the way.

  17. Count me in too.

    It was your blog that inspired me to start my own, and everyone in our little hockey card blogging community has made the hobby more fun for me. Whether its just reading everyone's posts or working out trades, it's all been great the past few years.

  18. Excellent prize pack...I'm in for sure. thank you for the contest!

    As far as who has made the hobby more fun for me, well it's pretty much everyone in the blogosphere. I've never met a bunch of people who are as generous and outgoing as everyone that I have dealt with.

  19. wow, pretty incredible contest!

    the hobby started out fun with my mother, who bought packs of cards for me so that i would get dressed in the morning and go to preschool.....then, it progressed to my brother and sister, who always managed to pull better cards than me from packs, and a few friends i traded with through junior high, now it's the fun i see people having's fun to share and see others sharing.

  20. Count me in.

    Too many people to mention but Sam from The Daily Dimwit, Matt from Cardboard Conundrum, Dennis from Too Many Verlanders, Spiegel from Nomo's Sushi Platter are some of the guys I've traded with over a half-dozen times.

    Great guys in general.

  21. I would like to be entered.

    I enjoy reading about the collections and interests of others, finding out nrw things about the hobby.

  22. free stuff! If you need a 'reputable' witness for when I win, gimme a shout. Since we live so close together, I can get there quick.

    as for someone who's made the hobby more fun, I'll go with someone you and I both know. Mike from one of our local shops. I've never met someone who is more positive about the hobby. Always with a smile, and a point of view that is valid, that you may not be seeing that always brings perspective and positivity back in.

  23. I'm in!

    Sort of echoing what some others have said...

    I can't name a particular person who has made the hobby more enjoyable for me. Instead, it has been this entire hockey blogging community. Between the blog posts, reading comments, contests, the fantasy hockey league, I feel like we are a pretty close knit bunch and becoming a part of it has renewed my passion for and enjoyment of this hobby.

    Heck, I've even been able to have civil dialogue with Habs fans.

  24. I'd like to be entered! Thanks a lot!

    Bloggers make the hobby more fun for me. It gives me a chance to see what other people are collecting and it lets me see tons of cards from sets I've never seen!

  25. Count me in!!

    I'm pretty new to the card blogging community(Sept 2012), but I've already got some cards in the mail from a fellow Blogger(Thanks Casey), as well as a trade that's in the works. I would have to say that it is the internet collecting community that has made this hobby more fun. I was picking up stuff here and there for my collection, but that has changed since I started interacting with this great community.

  26. I'm in. Your custom cards got me interested in the hobby again after a long hiatus! Still not the mega-collector like some others out there, but it's always fun to see new creations or talk about the latest products.

  27. Thanks for the contest. Bloggers all around the net make this hobby way more enjoyable every day and I have made many trades with some of them and nothing is more fun in this hobby than a good trade.

  28. There is no one person. Although originally it was my father. He bought me my first cards. He's not much into collecting but I keep an eye out for the few items he does like to collect. I haven't done much trading online, due to where I live. I live in the Arctic and you have to add 1-2 weeks onto the usual expected delivery times. But I do enjoy reading the blogs and I appreciate everyone who does keep a hockey card blog.

  29. Count me in for the draw, really appreciate you offering all of this up!

    The person who makes the hobby better for me definitely has to be my old man. He got me into collecting when I was a kid and we still collect together to this day, more than 20 years later. Without him I may not collect and may not have a blog of my own dedicated to this hobby as a result.

  30. Count me in! :) I'd be absolutely THRILLED if I were to win, and I have been charitable in the past (of course I have also received lots, heck my short of raising my own children which I do not have my parents did more for me than I could ever do for any one else) but I hope that whoever is drawn to win fully appreciates it and is deserving of it. :)

    To be honest I don't particularly have a person who has influenced my hobby... In fact I used to collect hockey cards everywhere and any way I could as a young kid. I didn't know anything about the different makes or hits, etc. back then. I had heard the whole autographed Gretzky rookie card being so valuable etc. but never really understood there were more than one Gretzky rookie card out there, and that base ones from cheap decks are probably not worth much.

    I only ever did buy single packs of retail lower-end cards but I had quite a large collection and loved them endlessly.

    As I got older I kind of grew out of it.

    It was only about a year ago that I started researching them online and learning about all the different sets/series', hits, jersey swatches, etc. Since then I ended up seeing a cheap retail box of 10 packs of Panini Score 11-12. I knew that I wouldn't get anything valuable out of it, or there'd be an absurdly low chance of it, but it was a lot more exciting opening the packs and looking at the cards than Xmas is for me these days.

    I am climbing my way out of some debt right now so it has been taking me a lot of strength to not allow myself to get a PSA graded 10 Giroux auto RC, a full box (36 packs) of Panini Score and to splurge on a higher end box like Dominion.

    Appropriately... I will be at that Calgary game!!!

  31. Count me In.

    I think the people of the sports card forums have been the best people to keep me interested in the hobby. Everyone has always been really helpful and patient when i was just getting back into the hobby.

  32. Great game! Great contest! I plan on trying to make paper cuts this coming summer.

  33. Entered. Love the generous giveaways of bloggers!

  34. Oh ! First contest but certainly not the least. Great list of prizes, I'm definitely in.

    As far as I'm concerned, what makes this hobby more fun (and what made me get my old card collection out of the closet) is the great work of the bloggers, especially here and at Drop the Gloves, which I follow religiously.

    Good luck everyone !

  35. I would like to enter the contest.

    So many people have made this hobby fun for me, but I should probably start with my Aunt Gayle, who used to take me to card shows in the early 1990s. She was also into the hobby for a while (she used to collect cards of her favorite players), so it was fun to share a hobby with someone from an older generation. She also purchased a Tony Esposito rookie card and allowed me to "pay her back" with my doubles for her own collection. That was awesome because that was a card I would not have been able to afford out of pocket.

  36. Thanks for the contest I live by Lethbridge and really enjoy your blog