Sunday, June 2, 2013

CUSTOMS - This Would Be The Top Of The Mountain

Most of you know that I like to dabble in custom card making and have designed, printed and assembled a number of items over the past number of years.  It is something that I thoroughly enjoy and it makes for a (relatively) inexpensive side aspect to my hobby collecting.

I have been asked by a few people over the years if I could help them by creating something for their special autograph, ticket or TTM endeavors.  And I've been happy to help when I can.  I find it time consuming, but something that I embrace as I feel it's just "part of the job".

I've always wanted to see how the pros do it though.  One of the things on my lifelong hobby "bucket list" would be to travel to one of the big card companies and see the inner workings.  Especially the concept and design standpoint.  To me, that would be one of the ultimate thrills.

Well, a couple of days ago, I was made aware of a few short sentences from one of the big companies that got my juices flowing.

Huh.  Essentially an invitation to apply for my dream job.

It's funny, even though (based on the requirements listed) I'm very underqualified, it would surely be a job that would require relocation and the learning curve would be probably more than I have ever encountered...I feel compelled to apply.  Part of me wants to put my name in the hat for no other reason than to say "I did it."

At the same time, I can honestly say that I have never been more happy in a work environment than I am right now (no offense to past co-workers).  My career is one that I am very passionate about, I work with fantastic people and the job itself is challenging and at times very rewarding.  Add to that the biggest trump card of them all - I'm a hop, skip and a jump away from my niece and nephew and can go see them pretty much whenever I want.

Why would I want to change that?

If everything remained status quo, I don't see any reason why I would want to rock the boat.  That said, I've thought about this job opening on more than one occasion every day since I learned of it.

Do I apply?  Do I sit back and continue to enjoy what I have and where I'm at?  Do I pursue more knowledge of the equipment, software and techniques used by the card designers and hone my craft a little more?

Lots to think about.  But in the end I can honestly say that whatever happens....I'll be in a good place.


  1. go for it my friend. this ride you're on does have an end date, so make the most of it.

  2. Go for it. Even if you are offered the job, it doesn't mean you have to accept it. You could weigh the pros and cons of it then.

  3. Give me one thing you have to lose by applying?


  4. Look ahead 10 years from now. Would you regret not even making a play for it?

  5. Seriously, I'm replying to this 4 days after you posted it - if you haven't applied by now - those cards that I've got for you just got twice as expensive. :p

  6. Replies
    1. Not yet. This week has been just so busy (8am until about 11pm every day including this weekend) that my life has become eat, work, sleep for the past 7 days.

      Ask me the same question in a week.