Friday, August 30, 2013

1 vs. 100 - One Step Closer

Slowly inching closer to completion of this project.  It has been a few years now that I have been pursuing building this set and I have come to enjoy it quite a lot.

I love the uniqueness and simplicity that this project brings...yet the difficulty in building it within a reasonable budget.  I also like the diversity in cards as well as basic "rules" i have set in this chase.

With the numbers whittling down on my wantlist, it does create a bit more of a challenge to track down numbers.  That said, I am still just casually picking up singles.  I'm not scouring ebay or hobby boards all day looking for the elusive last few.

Maybe when I'm down to one or two.

But for now...

2012/13 Upper Deck SPGU
Authentic Rookies
#123 Philippe Cornet  /51

Another one of these cards that are numbered to a player's jersey number.  It's concepts like these that made me go after this project to begin with.  I mean...why else would a company put out a card numbered to 51?

I was able to pick this card up for a very fair price (with shipping) and am really happy to add this latest addition to the collection.

I'm even more excited that I am one step closer to posting a 100 card completed collection (that'll be a cool pic).

93 out of 100  (93%)

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