Wednesday, September 4, 2013

RAISE THE CUP - Two More... With A First

A couple of cards sitting on the desk get the royal scanning treatment and some face time on my blog.

This Raise The Cup project, while never really an aggressive pursuit, has become a tidy collection of some of the greatest moments captured in time.  Sometimes the photos truly captures the essence of the split second while other times I feel the photo is compromised a bit too much, taking away from the authenticity of the moment.

These two cards are that of the latter.

While any Gretzky Cup raising card is a good one, this particular piece doesn't quite have the "wow factor" of some of his other contributions to the pc.

The background is completely gone from this photo.  And I really think that's a key part to some of the stellar shots in the set.  In its place is a foil-type background that does look slick - from a production standpoint.  Aesthetics...not so much.

A bit of a miss on this one, but it's still a keeper for the collection.

This Claude Lemieux Cup raising card is a first.....the first round card to make it into the project.

Taken from the Kraft dinner collection, Claude is looking extremely excited holding that trophy above his head....against a red background.

Once again, the fact that he's been cut out from the environment completely changes the presentation of this card disc.  And it's a shame because this item has next to no excitement in it.

I'm glad I can add this pair of less than acceptable cards to the binder.  I somehow am supposed to feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.....right?

OK.  Whatevs.

Current Collection - 114 cards

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  1. Nice pickups! I remember busting a box of that WGH stuff back in the day, some nice looking cards in that set for sure.