Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1 vs. 100 - I Have A Trade To Announce

Recently I received an e-mail from a collector who noticed my 1 vs. 100 collection.  In it there were a couple cards that he's been trying to track down for a little while.  He asked me if I'd be willing to trade.

Now in the past, I have traded some of the cards from my project, but only for cards that fit equal criteria.  In all honestly, I could care less if I have a Colton Orr/Matt Carkner dual fight strap card /2 or a Kris Versteeg dual patch /2.  To me...it's all about the /2.

Before I could even explain my trading practices, the e-mailer laid it out plain and simple.  It's as if he had already done his homework.

All I had to do was wait.

The cards arrived late last week and here are the swip swaps.

Gone is this Tom Poti gem.  Remember when he was a decent player?  Me neither.

In it's place is this rookie patch auto card from The Cup.

I'll take that trade all day.  I don't even care if I have no clue who "Fishy" is.

Another card from the SPGU Auto Draft set is this /33 of Timofei Shishkanov (I think it took me over a minute to type his name).

Drafted in 2001, I'm pretty sure he didn't pan out.

Zdeno Chara on the other hand is a name I recognize.  The Bruins captain makes his way into the collection with this Authentic Fabrics card numbered to his jersey number.

So while there's no change to the number of cards I have left to finish the project (7 BTW), I can safely say that I've improved the overall look of the set.

I guess it's not always just about the numbers.

93 out of 100  (93%)

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  1. very cool, and I hope whomever it is finishes that set he's working on. Must've been a thrill to find a guy with two of the cards he needed.