Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I can't believe we are days away from November!  Where has the time gone?  Where has my golf season gone???  It snowed on the weekend here and was a harsh reminder that winter is upon us.

But things aren't all doom & gloom.  There are some great happenings going on (especially in the hobby) for me.

In a couple instances, it was just a simple back and forth with fellow hobbyists..."talking shop" and getting to know the inner workings of collectors' habits.  I always love hearing how, when, why, who.  Tons of fun.

I've been the recipient of some very kind words over the past week that really not just made my day....but made a real impact on my approach to this hobby I love.

And I've seen some great, selfless acts from people trying to go above and beyond in helping out others.  Man....there's nothing better than that.

Case in point....young Colin's pink stick tape fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research.  A very worthwhile cause and a great idea for raising money.  Best of luck with your remaining auction(s).

Now it's been a bit of a quiet go on the Linden front as of late.  One very interesting note though.  Last week my mom had lunch with Trevor's mom and dad (my family knew the Lindens when I lived in Medicine Hat for a year...I was in grade 2).  They did some catching up as it had been well over 10 years since they had seen one another.

My curious bone got the better of me and I had my mom ask them about this jacket I bought a while back.  If the meeting wasn't so "spur of the moment", I would have had her take it along to show them.  Nonetheless, they seem to think (based on my mom's description) that it's legit.  #9 was indeed Trev's number at that time.


Another big score recently was a fanta-stick ebay find.  And a definite blast from the past.

2000/01 Pacific Private Stock
#58 Game Used Gear (stick)

This stick card was the very first stick card Trevor ever had.  I remember trying hard to track down a copy at the time.  Ebay was a new vehicle for me to use as a tool and the local shows had nothing of the sort.  I eventually landed one but it came with a slight rip around the window.  I kept it but always hoped to upgrade.

Years later I did find another copy.  But it was signed by Trevor.  Sure it was nice and all...but it didn't quite count as a replacement.  Well over a decade later - I have found the card that will sit proudly in my collection and I am no longer looking to upgrade.

It was fun to take a close look at this card again after all these years.  The design is a little unique to say the least.  Pacific at the time really had some "out there" looks on their cards.  Trev's sporting his shortly-used Habs jersey and the card is thick and has a nice gloss finish.

But what really drew me to the card was the stick piece.  Lots of great detail and color in the piece.  It's a shame the window couldn't have been twice as big (the card definitely has the room for it).

The best part.....less than $9.  Oh, and did I mention FREE SHIPPING!!!

That is one heck of a steal in my books.


  1. free shipping? no way that came from the U.S then.... robbing sons of guns,,,,

  2. hahaha no kidding Captain! I have been tempted to ask it sent PWE to try and save some cash on some simple non auto/mem cards.

    What a nice grab, I have one (my boy Bill Guerin) and I really like it. I love the old graphite two piece one you have. I have been tempted to try and buy a few more of these but it has been a little low on my priority list but seeing this one may have moved it up!

  3. Replies
    1. Plain White Envelope.

      And a definite no-no in my books when mailing hockey cards (unless agreed upon mutually ahead of time).

  4. Thanks, too, for the plug. So far, he's raised more than $53 in three auctions.