Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - The Card Show Edition

Uh oh....I think my scanner is crapping out.  Maybe it's taking revenge for the bad things I said about those autos a couple days ago.

I'm due for a new one though......but that doesn't mean I want to go out and buy one.  Why can't things last 15-20 years like they used to?  I'm in a good 10 - and kaput!!!

So forgive the weird scanning contrasts (I scanned on two different days).  You'll still get the idea of what wonderful Linden cards I have landed over the past week.

Sorry....did I say wonderful?  Messier - ugh!  I really hope the Habs can rally and knock off the Rangers in 7.  I don't think I'll be able to stand Messier and crew being paraded around during the Finals.  After all, it's the 20th Anniversary of what I consider to be the best Finals series I've ever watched (and the worst outcome ever).

I didn't cringe too much in picking up this card though.  Since it came in a trade (along with some HOF autos).  So Messier doesn't cost me any money.  Ha!

I did shell out for this one though.  Drat!

I was laughing a couple times over the weekend when I mentioned that I was glad (for one) that Linden had never won a Cup.  When I saw that In The Game was releasing a Stanley Cup themed product, I thought for sure I was safe for at least one release.

Nope.  He's got 4 cards.  A dual (with Messier), a quad (with Messier) and a pair of gold parallels.

At least he isn't in Between The Pipes.

He's not in Between The Pipes right?

This  Panini Playbook AutoBIOGRAPHY card came in a solid trade with Dylan at the weekend show.  He had shown it off to me a few months ago when he pulled the card at a local shop.  It hung around in his collection long enough for me to swing a sweet deal.

I picked up this Linden and the Michel Goulet auto card I showed a couple days back.  Can't go wrong with that pair.  The two cards going back his way were newer to my trade box, but I was happy to see them go his way.

A very fair trade in my opinion.  Win-win!!  Thanks Dylan.

Just a quick aside.....notice the sticker auto on this Linden card.  Now remember the Cournoyer auto from a couple days ago?  That one is hard signed.  What gives?  This Linden would have been spectacular as a hard signed offering.

An observation.

This card is one that I already have, but was gifted to me and I'm happy to add it into the collection.

It bounced between a couple of show/trade night regulars before hitting my hands and it took all of about 10 seconds when I walked in on Saturday.

I love when Linden cards just up and slap me in the face.  Thanks guys!

Hoo boy....another Messier.  This time in Vancouver garb.  To see him on a Franchise card makes my skin crawl.  No wonder this one didn't scan well.

With this silver version I now have all three versions (black, silver, gold).  Into the box they go....never to be seen again.

Or maybe I just put a sticker on the toploader covering up Messier.  Ha ha!

A nice triple card from the In The Game Used product.  I picked this up as a throw in on another card I landed (which I will show off down the road).

Free is good.

This one was not free.  But I was happy with the price I paid for it.

The gold parallel out of 10 was a nice addition to the collection.  I had won it on ebay but the seller was local so I was able to pick it up at the show.  No shipping charges either. Sweet!

A couple of pretty nice pieces on the card too (a little foreshadowing).

In The Game offered up some Spring Expo redemption cards this year and this Team ITG piece was one of them.  Limited to just 9 copies, I knew that if I wanted one I'd have to play my cards right.

Luckly I snagged this one at the right time.  Got it for less than what other had gone for.  Can't beat that.

And a nice two color piece on the Linden....bonus.

And as a bonus....how about the gold 1/1 parallel.  I was shown this at the card show on Saturday but the price tag was more than I was willing to spend (for a redemption).  But I could understand why the price was where it was.

Just look at the piece on that Linden!!!

Yeah...you're not seeing things.  It's identical to the silver version.

Now compare the Bure.

Night and day.

That Bure piece is literally bursting out of the card and easily makes this a must-have for a Bure collector.  I knew that if I wanted the card I'd have to bite the bullet.

So Sunday when I went back for round two, I decided to make a cash & trade offer.  I do feel like I overpaid for the card, but with the amount of $$$ I shelled out on the transaction being a lot less than the price tag, I was ok with it.  It is after all a 1/1.

Well not really....the Linden piece is the same.

So that concludes my Linden pickups over the past week.  Say for one.

There was one card that trumped 'em all.  But I'm holding off on showing that one because as awesome as it is....it might become even more awesome if the stars align.

Stay tuned!!

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  1. Sweet Linden adds for your PC! Thanks for the Trade as always! -Dylan