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PARKIE PROJECT - Pickups From The Card Show

The weekend of The Card Show is here.  It's debut last November was a huge success and the weeks leading up to this spring's offering was even greater.  More tables, more dealers and more cards.

I had a fantastic first day at the event.  Some solid Linden pickups (which will be shown off soon), some excellent adds to the HOF auto pc (I love trading) and I even had some change left in the wallet for some Parkies.

My 51/52 Parkhurst project is something of a "career quest".  I by no means am aggressively pursuing cards for this side collection but when they present themselves at a show for the right price...I'll pick up a few.

And I felt that the stars were aligned to do just that.  So let's see who I picked up.

1951/52 Parkhurst
#30 Adam Brown

He plays for Boston.


Ok...just kidding.  But the name Adam Brown does not bring back vintage memories.

Nicknamed "The Flying Scotsman", Adam had a 10-year career in the NHL playing with three different teams.  A Stanley Cup winner in 1943 with the Red Wings, it was only his final season in which he suited up for the Bruins.

He ended up with 217 points (104G 113A) in 391 career games.  He may be better known as the dad of goalie Andy Brown (who was the last goalie to play in an NHL game with no mask).

I wonder how many players back in the 50's were born outside of North America.  It's neat seeing a birthplace of Scotland.  I'd guess it to be a rarity.

The card itself has some beautiful centering.  And the corners are very strong - one of the best in my small but growing collection.  It's a little miscut in the sense that it isn't square, but I think that's just the way it was back then.  Remember....these cards are old.

The bold B on the front of the jersey is definitely old school and the colors (albeit two tone) look bold.  A very nice add for the price.

1951/52 Parkhurst
#38 Al Dewsbury



Yes, it's another name that does not ring a bell.  But I'm all about doing a little interwebs searching.

An All-Star in 1951, Al "Dews" Dewsbury was an imposing d-man for his time.  6'2" and 202lbs (that was big back then).  He had a 10-year career in the big leagues as well playing with Detroit and Chicago (he actually won a Cup with the Red Wings in 1950).

Imagine for a second....he played (and won a Cup) with Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, the list goes on.  That would be an incredible story in itself.

He was always a reliable and durable defenceman.  I wonder why his NHL career was so short (or what I would consider to be short).  Did players in that era have long 20-year careers back then?

The card is a little weaker on the corners (but way more than acceptable for me) and the colors don't seem as impressive.  In fact, his pants look a little red.  What up with that?

Very nice centering round out this great addition to the collection.  And again, the price was right.

1951/52 Parkhurst
#87 Tod Sloan

Leafs represent!!!

Aloysius Martin "Tod" Sloan had a slightly longer NHL career (14 years) mostly with the Toronto squad.  He was a member of three Stanley Cup winners ('49 and '51 with Toronto and '61 with Chicago) and played in three All-Star games.

An interesting note about the 1949 season for Sloan, he appeared in 29 regular season games but did not make an appearance in the playoffs.  As a result, his name was not etched into the Stanley Cup.  He was included though on the 1949 Maple Leaf team picture (nice booby prize).

He was a speedy center (5'10" and 171lbs) with some hands apparently.  He hit the 20 goal mark 5 times and finished his NHL career with 220 goals and 482 points.  He liked to agitate as well racking up 100+ pims on three separate occasions.

This card has the best action shot of the three with an actual rink in the background.  Much like the Dewsbury, the corners are a little soft but the centering is there (which is huge for me).  Some good blue tones and impressive detail on the jersey make this a keeper.

Overall, these three cards are perfect for the set I am building.  I'm not looking for the highest of high-end, I just want some cards that I can enjoy looking at and appreciate for their age and condition.

And of course, the prices are right.

Parkie Progress - 7 out of 105 cards  (6.7%)

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