Friday, October 10, 2014

MY COLLECTION - Look What I Stumbled Upon

I was digging my camera out of the closet this morning because my niece is borrowing it for her school trip.  I noticed that the card was pretty full so I decided to check what goodies I had on there.

Turns out, I went to the Hockey Hall Of Fame.

Oh yeah.....I kind of forgot about that (well, not the trip.....but the fact that I took photos).

So after transferring the photos off of my camera, I decided to share some of the sweet pics from that awesome day.

Few words.....I'll let the photos do the talkin'.

Anyone know who wore this mask?  The detail looks awesome in person.

And this one?  Too easy right?  Well, how about you young ones out there who have never seen a fibreglass lid?

Now that's a sweater!

Pure awesomeness!

Lanny's lid.  Classic!

Speaking of classic......this takes the cake.

It looks impressive, but I was surprised to see how many "junk wax" type cards were displayed.  I would have loved to have seen what the HHOF actually has in their archives.


The Stanley Cup is truly a one-of-a-kind trophy.  I was gawking at it for a while. guy is actually in the HOF.  He had a couple photos and such on display too, but seeing this trophy was definitely something on my "to see" list when I went.

If any of you get the chance to go - DO IT!!!  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time though.  I was there for about 3-4 hours and felt rushed to finish (as they were about to close).


  1. Ooh Ooh Ooh Mista Kotta! That particular Penguin decorated Ken Wregget's mask. It is very prominent on his 1995-96 Be A Player card, and has been one of my Masked Monday cards.

  2. The Penguin mask was Ken Wregget from the mid 90's...94 or 95 I believe.

  3. I went there about 10 years ago. Was such an awesome experience

    1. It was. Especially if you give yourself the time to really enjoy it and not feel rushed.

      I'm looking forward to going again (in a number of years from now) to allow things to really change over and evolve.