Friday, October 31, 2014

RAISE THE CUP - A Pair From Trade Night

A busy work week left me struggling to get home at a decent hour let alone take care of important post to my blog.  I've had a lot of stuff I wanted to share.

Oh well, it should be a calmer weekend.......should.

Tonight I'll share a pair of cards that I picked up from trade night a week and a half ago.  One I snagged in an actual trade, the other I landed as part of my Pack Wars win.

Both are very nice additions to the ever-growing set.

This Panini Certified Path To The Cup card is now the third from this very cool looking insert set that I have in my 'Raise The Cup' project.

I enjoy the horizontal layout of the card because it allows me to see more of the background and atmosphere of the moment captured.

The bold graphics at the bottom just add punch to the card.  And as a bonus, it's serial numbered to just 99 (almost impossible to see in the upper left corner).

Too bad Panini is now out of the hockey card making business....this would have been a sweet set to bring back year after year.

I never get bored of seeing Ray Bourque lifting the Cup.  Beautiful timing on this photo too....I can feel the emotion coming from the cardboard.

This card comes from the 2013/14 SP Authentic product and I gotta say that the Authentic Moments set really impressed me - especially the photos from the 80's.  Stay tuned as I plan to share a couple beauts.

But back to this card.  As much as I love the horizontal design on the Willie Mitchell, I really like the vertical design for the Bourque.  Odd.  I think in this instance, the taller layout allows me to focus a little more on Bourque first, then the rest of the arena.  The Cup in more in frame as well (which would be tougher to do with a different orientation).

Overall, a pair fit for the binder.  Ever growing.

Current Collection - 116 cards

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