Tuesday, January 6, 2015

OUTSIDE THE BOX - Cut...It...Out

I've been diving into the Twitter vortex over the past few days and boy has it ever been fun.  Kills a good amount of time....but boy has it ever been fun.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of discovering some new Canucks/Linden memorabilia items.  And in the process, learned a little about Canucks collector and hockey historian Andrew Castell.  For a little insight, check out this video.

note:  His garage is a jaw dropper.

Me likes.

Well, it started tonight when he tweeted this ultra cool item from 1994...

As someone who is in the television industry, this is such a fantastic item.  I can only imagine being at that game, wearing one of these, being knee-deep in the trenches of live sports broadcasting.  Stressed and under immense time constraints.


I had a little back and forth text with Andrew and in the process asked if he had any Linden items.  He then lays this one on me.

Wow!  I have never seen this lifesize display before.  It comes from the Canadian Cancer Society Lottery.  Boy does it look great.

And of course, I had to start digging in my closet.

So what did I find tucked in the corner?

It's my own lifesize cutout of Trev.  Doritos style.

This was at a time when Linden had the close cut.  Nice hair!

I picked this item up years ago at my local monthly card show.  It came from a seller who was from out of town.  He had two of these, but I only needed one.

I've since seen a couple other lifesize cutout advertisements over the years but never the CCSL one shown above until tonight.

Well, over the next  half hour or so (I'm still in the midst of communicating) I've been learning more about Andrew Castell and his collection, his Canucks memorabilia and contributions to numerous books.

It's really cool to see these Cancuks/Linden items get a little face time.  And it's a small reminder to me that I should take a moment to enjoy my collection a little more.  Case in point, the Doritos cutout.

It's been in my closet for years, folded up and unseen.  I have many other items that don't get any acknowledgment anymore.  I'm going to try and change that this upcoming year.

The Twitter Vortex.....gotta love it.


  1. I like the cut out, pretty cool item to own for your player collection. It would make for a nice piece in your hobby room or "man cave".

    By the way, nice Full House reference ;)

    1. I knew there'd be a Dave Coulier fan in the mix.


  2. I'm disappointed you didn't slap a santa hat on him, dangle some lights, and put presents down at his skates.