Thursday, February 18, 2016

HHOF AUTOS - Welcome Back And A Bernie

Holy cow has it ever been a long time since I've sat down at my computer here in my upstairs office.  I can't believe we've passed the halfway mark in February already.

So how is everybody doing??

Well....I can safely say that I'm still alive.  Ha ha.  It's been an odd year so far work-wise and at times it has kept me from really stepping back and smelling the hobby roses.  Not much to smell so far this year though.  My ebay purchasing has all but dried up due to the terrible exchange rate the Canadian dollar goes at these days.  Add to it the tough shipping costs cross-border and the routinely unrealistic asking prices for Linden cards on the block and the choices are easy.  Pass....pass....pass.

And that suits me just fine right now.

That said, I haven't been completely quiet in the ol' hockey card collecting world.  I've been going to the monthly card show and attending the local trade nights and that has definitely satisfied my thirst for the collecting world.

I hope that over the next few days I can show you some of the new additions to the various PCs I have and to start with I'll be going to my Hockey Hall of Fame hard-signed auto project.

Earlier this month I was able to complete a simple one-for-one trade to land the latest scribe.

Bernie Parent
(Inducted in 1984)

I've come across a few Bernie Parent autos since starting this collection but I've passed on trying to make a trade for one until now.  Either the card was demanding too much for my blood or was just not aesthetically pleasing to me (yes....I'm starting to get a little more picky with certain players).  I thought this card fit the bill nicely.

A good "negative space" for the signature, a nice photo from his playing days (although if I did have one beef it would be that I wished he was wearing his iconic mask) and a good product for signatures.

The card I gave up....a Sean Burke Upper Deck HG Glossy from 7-8 years ago that has been just sitting in my trade box for years.  A super-easy trade to agree to.

One step closer to my goal of 100 hard-signed autos.  I'm hoping to add a few more in this 2016 calendar year.

And hopefully more blog posts too.  I'm on pace for an ugly stat on that front.

Current Collection - 68 HHOF Autos


  1. Nice card to add to the collection. He seemed to always have his best games when the Flyers played the Bruins.