Saturday, April 30, 2016

WALLET CARD - A Trifecta Of Buybacks

A new batch of #WalletCard pickups arrived a few days back and I still get a big smile on my face when I see the new adds.

This Oscar Gamble project of mine has really been fun.  Inexpensive too which makes it all the better. If I did have one beef it would be that I'm not really able to pick up many cards here locally.  It's hockey town in this neck of the woods.  But that's ok because I've got other ways and means as well as some great people to help me out.

This most recent batch came from both COMC as well as eBay.  I had a friend of mine (who has a US address) do my dirty work to save substantially in shipping costs.  Much thanks Kevin.

All three of these cards are buybacks from recent Topps releases.  I've kept an eagle eye out for these cards because I feel like they are much rarer than most other Gambles.  And once they're gone....they're gone.

So let's take a look at the pickups.

2015 Topps
#152 Topps Original Buyback 1974

I see Richard Pryor more and more when I come across a lot of Oscar Gamble cards.  This one for sure.

In addition to the killer cap and elastic waistband, I can't help but notice the great backdrop for this card.  Lots of blue feels like this stadium is in the middle of nowhere.  No concrete jungle to compete with.

2014 Topps
#74 Topps 75th Buyback 1976

I call this card the "Half-fro".  I don't know if he could get all his hair into a helmet with two ear flaps.

Another great Indians logo, this time on the jersey.  And the stirrups are king in my book.

It's weird, I've been blabbing on about Linden buybacks for some time now, but these Oscar Gamble offerings feel different.  I don't mind the few that get sprinkled in with each flagship release.

Does that make me a hypocrite?

2016 Topps
#23 Topps 65th Anniversary Buyback Blue 1971

Still trying to figure out how all these stamp colours work and such, but I just chase them when I see them...and the price is right.

I really like this set from '71.  No doubt it would killer to get a complete build with sharp corners and no frays.  The black border makes that a tough task.

I'm thrilled that this one is not only in decent shape, but is nicely centred.  A rarity for cards of that vintage.

Well, that adds three more to the project box with the hopes that there are more to come.

So heads up Kevin.  Ha.

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