Friday, September 23, 2016


There are times when I just take a flyer on things.  Be it a pack of non-sport, a box of CFL or a pair of autos that I might be able to parlay into something more.

The last month - heck....this whole baseball season - has been a truly exciting rollercoaster ride for Toronto Blue Jays fans.  A whole lot of expectations after a breakthrough 2015 season.  Thoughts of a division title and dare I say...World Series birth are on the minds of many.

Come October, should the Jays make the postseason, I feel as though certain players may have heightened interest in the hobby.  And what can I can never hurt to have a couple Toronto autos in the trade box.

A recent venture into the ebay vortex had me searching Jays autos.  I saw an auction that I thought I'd take a stab at.  Whatdyaknow....I won.

Roberto Osuna might just be one of the top young pitching stars in the game.  He's got a maturity to him that far outweighs his early-20s inexperience.

This hard-signed card from Topps Supreme came at the right price.  I have no doubt that I'll be able to trade it away for something I really want - or bolster my trade box.  Again, it's nice to go to trade night with some new stuff in the arsenal.

Quick note....sloppy sig.  Let's get these young guys slapping a better auto on these cards eh?

While Dalton Pompey might not be meeting expectations in the 2016 season, I think he definitely has some upside in the Jays organization.  With a guy like Jose Bautista likely on his way out, that might open the door for Dalton to come in and become a mainstay of the Jays outfield.

Another Topps Supreme card, hard signed, numbered to 25, it was in the same lot as the Osuna so it was coming along whether I liked it or not.  I like it.

Again.....let's get some penmanship going guys.

A couple new cards to add to the trade box and here's hoping that the Jays go deep in the playoffs.  It'll only up the value of these cards even more.

Now....time to head back into the vortex.

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