Wednesday, September 21, 2016

PACK RIPPING - 2016/17 Tim Hortons Hockey

One of the lasting impressions of the previous hockey hobby season (for me) was the overwhelming success of the Tim Horton's hockey release.  It hit a wide audience, was a quality product (that wasn't ultra high end) and had some staying power while collectors and fringe fans tried to hunt down their set needs.

It caught me a little off guard as I really didn't think that the "restaurant issue" product would really fly.  McDonalds did an admirable job with their sets over the years and really found a niche collecting audience, but what Tim Horton's did blew that out of the water.  I really feel as though it introduced a lot of new people to the hobby....if only for a little while.

So I was excited to learn of the return to the market this month for Upper Deck and Timmy's.  The drive home from work had me stop off and pick up a few packs.

Twenty - to be exact.

Now, stupid me thought that if you bought your beverage that you would get all of your packs at the discounted price (yes....I'm a maroon).  But even at the regular retail price, it's a fun and inexpensive rip.

Three cards to a pack - two base and an insert.  Lots of insert sets to be had and some tougher pulls (and crazy longshots) give something for everyone.

Um.....he's not with.....huh.

Ok, I guess UD decided that leaving Hall in the set as a n Oiler would be less of a headache than pulling the card and replacing him with another player.  I would have loved the ol' 80's OPC treatment...

"Now With Devils"

That would have been sweet.

The base cards are your usual food-issue foil-type card.  Nice, but not jaw dropping.  Not much in terms of photography or player poses...pretty simple actually.  But the checklist is solid.

100 base cards with a smattering of current stars, young studs and Tim Horton.  Cool.

I have no doubt that the Connor inserts will be popular among his young fans.  The McDavid train in chugging along at full steam.  And if there isn't enough hype on him already, his play at the World Cup is certain to get people drooling for the NHL regular season.

This Game Day Action card is a neat concept and it seems.....SEEMS as though the photos are taken from the actual game depicted on the back description.  Not bad.

Hey now.  I had to do a double take when I saw the vintage Canucks sweater with the 'C' on it.  But's Henrik from last year's retro jersey night (oh how awesome was that).

The Local Leaders set is a great concept that has had success in the past under different monikers.  And in my opinion they should go back to them.  Local Leaders doesn't breathe excitement.  It feels like a city committee meeting roll call.

Still, nice card.

Pure Gold reminds me of the early 90's Pankhurst emerald parallel.  A simple cutout slapped on a foil coloured background.

These should trade well.

I like the looks of this insert set.  Goalies....close ups of masks....sign me up.

Platinum Profiles though are not just full of tenders (bummer) but are left for the top stars.  A good silver foil makes this easily smudgeable.  Ha.

This was my big hit of the lot.  They come in 1:16 packs so I caught the right odds.  It's a nice clear card (like UD Ice) and has a slick, bold design.

I would have liked a Connor McDavid....but hey, so would everyone.

Overall, this pack rip session was a lot of fun.  There were no high expectations for big hits and I know that there will be a lot of people looking to trade.  And at the end of the day, isn't that what the hobby should be about?

Will I buy more packs?  Probably.  But I doubt I'll binge for 20 packs at a time from now on.  Maybe one overtime I hit up the drive-thru.

Good stuff UD.  (except for the Taylor Hall flub......and why is Karri Ramo in the set?)


  1. maybe Carey could come to trade night....?

  2. And what about P.K. Subban still being in a Canadiens uniform?

    1. Good one.

      How this product actually survives and is popular is beyond me.


  3. How is it that Tim Horton coffee shops are out of cards, but someone is selling cartons of them on kijiji? We need better control of the product sales for the kids!

    1. I can agree. I would love to see some sort of limitation on the number of packs one can buy at one time. But people who want to buy big will always find a way to circumvent the system. And in this case they aren't really doing everything wrong.

      I'd be curious to know the percentage of cards going to kids. I see a lot of adults buying the product. That said, this is the ideal product to introduce kids into this great hobby.