Saturday, October 15, 2016

MY COLLECTION - 87/88 Canucks Puck...Candle

It was yet another trade night this past week (I always look forward to those) and while I wasn't too active a buyer I did walk away with a neat item.

The shop owner mentioned he had spotted this on his most recent trip out to BC and immediately thought of me. (Aw shucks)  He also noted that while it was not anything Linden related, I might just appreciate it.

He was right.

First off...hello yellow!!

I really think the NHL should use pucks like this all the time.  Could you imagine one of these flying into the crowd?  Now that would be a souvenir.

Now I'm sure you see it (as did I) - why isn't the puck quite round?

Well, this is the 87/88 edition of the puck candle.  I don't know if there are any 0other editions of it, but this one does the trick.

I'm choosing to not unwrap it in case it has some nasty 30-year-old wax stench.

Plus it is hard as a was dropped on more than one occasion and I can't believe it didn't break something - like my toe.

I can make out quite a few of the names like Stan Smyl, Petri Skriko, Jim Benning and good ol' Frank Caprice.

But one manufactured sig had me grinning.

If I'm not mistaken, that's Kirk McLean.

And I've got to think that it's one of his fist "appearances" on any sort of Canucks memorabilia.

That's pretty cool.

So a hearty 'Thank You' to Darren for thinking of me (he also included an old Linden food issue card). The puck candle is much appreciated.....and dare I say wick-ed.


  1. Cool piece - I like oddball 'stuff' like that. Nice knee-slapper at the end.

  2. YES, that is a somewhat ' condensed ' Kirk McLean signature ... To figure out more signatures go to their roster that season where you can do it by elimination and probably come up with 80 %, or better, on remaining names.