Wednesday, February 8, 2017

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 16/17 Trilogy Signature Puck

Over the past few weeks I've seen a number of new Trevor Linden cards pop up on the secondary market.  Black Diamond autos and manufactured patches, SP Game Used Draft Day Letter Marks and Trilogy Signature Pucks.  What do all of these cards have in common?

They are all Upper Deck releases.

For the past couple years Upper Deck has inserted Linden in to more of their products than the decade prior.  I must say that I quite enjoy the new adds.  Yes, there are some tough parallels in there but there are also some new looking cards or new looking concepts that Linden has finally been added into.  Upper Deck is really quenching my thirst for something exciting.

Now that said.....I'm not firing off shots at everything and anything new.  I'm staying pretty passive at hitting some of these cards.  I think that's just the new approach I'm taking these days.  In fact, it's funny to hear other saying that the Linden market has chilled off.

That makes me smile.  Cheaper is better.

But not every card has been going low.  Some of the Draft Day Letter Marks (a manufactured patch numbered to 10) have fetched more money than the actual game used Linden letters I chased a few years ago - and they were 1/1s.  Wow.

It goes to the popularity of the Upper Deck brand and them having the license to use logos and such.  You can't argue their success.  Money talks.

The card I'm sharing tonight is one that I snagged from a nice Buy It Now discovery.  I like the new look of these cards and the Linden offering is pretty wild.

2016/17 Upper Deck Trilogy
#SP-TL Signature Pucks Team Logo  /17

This hand numbered signature puck is the third time Linden has had these auto pucks in Trilogy.  Each time I have captured the retro auto.  But the 16/17 version is fresh, blue (in signature too) and uses the true retro logo that I've come to love.

They are a really sharp looking card.  In addition to the regular version (which has no team logo) there is an always difficult NHL shield logo /3.  Not holding my breath there.

But Upper Deck decided to up their game this year by adding dual autos on the puck.  Linden gets (once again) teamed up with the Russian Rocket, Pavel Bure.  As with the single autos there are three versions.  The toughest.....a 1/1, has already surfaced and has found a new home.  Sadly, not mine.

The price on that one was WAY over what I was looking to spend.  I know the new owner will be happy with it.

But it just really injects a fun, challenging element to my Linden collecting that I haven't felt in a number of months.  And even though I may not be crossing as many off the list as I maybe could be....I know that the ones I do snag will be at a price I'm happy with and a quality that I'll be thrilled to add to the collection.


  1. I've always been more of a Topps guy... since I grew up collecting in the 80's. However... I wish UD would get their MLB license. They produce some of the sweetest cards around. I've always loved their Signature Pucks autographs. Beautiful cards... especially that Linden with the blue ink.

    1. One card I'm really excited to see is the UD Series II Canvas Linden about to be released. The canvas cards are really quite nice and UD ups their game with photo selection and creativity. Some of their retired players cards are excellent. Fingers crossed on the Linden.

  2. That's a nice acquisition for the Linden collection. It has everything going for for what you want to see in a card. Hard signed, extremely limited, retro logo, and the best is that unique blue ink. It almost looks neon like.

  3. Replies
    1. No clue.

      Maybe UD feels that 17 is a rare number, but not TOO low as to deter people. 20 would be too high and 15 too low.

      I have no idea.