Saturday, April 15, 2017

RAISE THE CUP - I Got A Gift......Hoo Boy

Last week at the monthly trade night I was the "fortunate" receiver of a "generous" gift.

There are a number of collectors, vendors, shops and just general hobbyists who know I collect Linden.  I do a pretty good job of subtly plastering that info wherever I go.  Be it me donning my Linden jersey or Canucks hat or maybe they just see my username on a number of online sites - bamlinden.

But there is a smaller group of people who know much about some of my other projects.  Be it my #WalletCard pc, Parkie Project, hard signed Hall Of Famers or my simple Raise The Cup chase.

"Thankfully" there are a few people who know how to really make a guy feel good about his collections....and is "willing" to "help a guy out" anytime he can.


The look on my face when this card slowly glided over the countertop and into my view must have been spectacular.  In fact, the guy who gave it to me (let's call him "Captain Canuck") went out of his way not to text me a photo of it or share the info ahead of time.  Instead, wanting to get a front row seat at the tirade.

And a glorious tirade I shared.

I have really enjoyed collecting cards of guys enjoying that pinnacle moment in their career - hoisting the Stanley Cup.......but the cards with this guy on it - oh man.  It's hard to crack a smile on these ones (but I'll do my best since it was a "gift").

The worst part about it - and I am reliving it right now as I look at it - this is a really nice card (I just threw up in my mouth).  It's a great photo and the silver foil really makes the design pop (scan again does no fact I think it makes Messier's teeth more white).

So......I guess a "thank you" is in order.  Or something.

Now into the binder where you can be forgotten.

Current Collection - 157 cards


  1. I just started watching the NHL this year (I know, took too long) but you are not the first person I've seen who can't stand this guy. Why is that?

    1. Oh where to begin???

      Honestly, when he was playing for the Oilers early in his career I enjoyed his play. He was the perfect addition to the talents like Gretzky, Kurri and Anderson. He had grit and determination.

      His move to New York and the pompous attitude that the Big Apple gave him really irked me. And of course, winning the Stanley Cup in 1994 against my beloved Canucks didn't help (his cheap shot cross check in Game Six really ticked me off).

      But ultimately, my severe dislike came when he (along with coach Mike Keenan) came strolling on to Vancouver. I hated his attitude and the pair essentially ran Linden out of town. The big one for me though is the fact that he decided to wear number 11 in Vancouver - a pretty sacred number considering they had unofficially retired it due to the Wayne Maki incident (look it up). Messier never even asked the family for their blessing to wear the number.

      A leader he is not in my eyes. He cares about himself more than the collective. I hate the fact he is considered one of the greatest leaders of all time and even has a trophy named after him. He's a joke.

      But that's just my opinion.

    2. A leader? Didn't he publicly cry he wanted to be traded from Edmonton because they didn't resign one of his friends (Adam Graves I think). Didn't he get suspended for sucker punching someone during a hockey game? Didn't he whine about being the team captain in Vancouver hence Linden "handing over" the "C"? Did he ever get the Canucks to the playoffs during his tenure?

    3. Thanks for the info. I will look him up. I missed so much but I have some vague memory of the Rangers winning the Cup...I am in the NYC broadcast zone so it was a big deal. But I don't remember any specific players or anything, just that it was a big deal.

  2. Best Canuck ever, NYC man attitude and all.