Wednesday, October 25, 2017

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - One More For The ITGU Collection

We are a few weeks into the hockey season and I'm thrilled that it is here.  I've managed to make it out to a game in the early going, have got my work hockey pool in full swing, have joined my first ever "keeper" league which I am thoroughly enjoying and am still on the hunt for that which I collect.....namely, Trevor Linden cards.

I must say though that each time I do a search online for Linden cards, be it eBay or Kijiji or just the hobby boards, I find myself taking a moment to check a very important list.  It's a list of Linden cards recently stolen from a longtime collector.  There has still been no update as to the whereabouts, but I know for a fact that there are many people within the hobby that know what has happened.  That is a little reassuring as I am a firm believer this collection will surface.

I try not to let it affect me and my purchasing of Linden cards.  I do want to continue enjoying the hobby as I have built it for myself and I think I have been.  No, I haven't picked up too many new cards, but I still get up for the hunt.

Just one lowly card to share at this time....from a product that had me shaking my head when it came out.

2014/15 Leaf In The Game Used
Game Used Jersey Quad Gold
#GU4J-02 w/Hull, Naslund & Roenick  /25

It's a nice quad jersey card of four guys I can't figure out the connection with.  They all played hockey at some point.  They all have their photo on the card.  They all have a jersey in the possession of Leaf. That's about it.

When Leaf took over the In The Game line I was mildly excited to see what they would do in terms of design, card quality and selection.  They went overboard with the parallels though as Linden has 52 card in this one single product.


Most of those cards are limited to 10 or less to boot.  That really took the wind out of my sails.  I gotta say, it was also around this time that my approach to collecting Linden cards changed.  I have really shifted the gears back and am not nearly as aggressive as I used to be.  No reason for it.  There is absolutely no way I can keep up with volume (and forced scarcity) like this.

So I play the patience card - a lot.  And I love it!!

I was able to land this card for a fraction of the price it would have gone for 3 years ago.  That makes me happy.  I'm able to cross another card off the list.  Happy again.

This puts me at 13 cards out of the 52 in the release.  If you don't count the printing plates or other 1/1's I've actually got 13 out of 24.  So I'm just over half way there.

And I've got so many years to go!!  :)

Let's see how many more I can snag this hockey season.

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