Tuesday, October 10, 2017

WALLET CARD - A Rare Card Show Find

I love finding cards locally that I never thought would surface in my home town.

Normally when I say that I'm referring to higher-end offerings that might....might only pop up on eBay or the online hobby boards.  But there are times when a simple base cards fits the description.

Last month's local card show (the first of the season) brought with it a rare find.

1971 Topps
#23 Oscar Gamble

You see....living in Canada usually means hockey cards rule the shows....and baseball, football and the works play second fiddle to the fastest game on Earth.  Sure there's excitement when new baseball product comes out but not nearly at the level hockey brings.

So it's rare to find baseball on the tables.  It's rarer to find baseball I need (Oscar Gamble) on a table.  But every once in a while a gem will appear.

This card, which is just a little older than I am, was a great find a few weeks back.  I saw a handful of these black-bordered beauts and quickly sifted through them thinking to myself "maybe an Oscar".  I didn't have high hopes as I don't think most people feel Gamble is in the "star" or "semi-star" category.  Definitely nothing anyone could possibly be interested in.  But you don't find 'em if you don't go digging for 'em.

I love this kind of pickup.  Not expensive in the least and really quenches my thirst for the chase.

Now that I think of it, I haven't shared with many people my Oscar Gamble pc in the same way most know I collect Trevor Linden.  I wonder if that would change things?  Would people start bringing more to the shows?

Maybe I'll try getting the word out a little more this year.  See what happens.

For the record, this is card 67 in my #WalletCard collection.  That put's me about a third of the way in to his entire card output.

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  1. Great looking card. I'm all about a nicely cropped action shot and Topps did a great job with this one.