Sunday, January 20, 2019

OPINION - Trevor Linden Digital Cards

Well, the inevitable finally happened.  Trevor Linden not only has digital cards.....he has his first digital relic card.

And while I'm still torn on how the whole "digital card" element of my collecting will evolve, I thought I'd take a few moments to share my thoughts as they are at this time.

But first, let's take a look at what I had to say on the subject three years ago.

One thing that caught my eye in re-reading this post is that my thoughts leaned towards the immediacy of collecting - Topps Now comes to mind.  I still believe that this element of the hobby can be further explored and generate even more excitement.  Imagine seeing the card being built right on your smartphone mere minutes after the actual moment has been captured by photographers.  That could be cool?

I also noticed my thoughts on how digital card collecting might be the way to introduce some of the younger generation into collecting.....after all, one can enjoy the hobby on a daily basis via the Topps Skate! app - for free.

Yes, did I show my hand here?  I've been using the Topps Skate! app for the better part of a year now and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Granted, I swipe through the base cards like they are nothing now and look forward to the insert cards, but still....the fun of ripping a virtual pack (dare I say) is there.

One of the reasons I signed up was because I had learned that Linden garnered his first digital card (complete with an "autographed" parallel).  This finally brought the question to the forefront....

How will I go about collecting Trevor Linden digital cards?

Honestly, I can see myself chasing them in trade only.  I can't justify (yet) paying money to purchase a digital card.  Just so you know, a digital version of the Linden auto popped up on eBay a number of months back and was scooped up for about $25 bucks.  I'm just not ready to fork out actual cash for my non-tangible Lindens.

The challenge when it comes to trading for these digital offerings is that the only way you can sign up for the Topps Skate! app is through Facebook - and I am not on Facebook.  For the past year I've been building my digital collection as a "guest".  Believe it or not, this might be the straw that busts me into starting Facebook - who'd have thought??

Anyways, back to the latest Linden digital offering.

2018/19 Topps Skate! Triple Threads
#5 Alumni Relic digital card  (limited to 150)

First of all, this is a stunningly beautiful card.  This would rank high on the wantlist if it was an actual tangible item.  A bit of a shame that they don't do up the backs of their cards with any sort of statistical detail (that's one of the big drawbacks of Topps Skate!.....but they make up for it in volume of items).

It's a definite eye-catcher and this has me wavering a little more towards signing up and seeing what I can go to obtain one (I actually have some solid traders that I've picked up via my free daily packs of digital cards).

So what I've done with this card, and all of the other Linden digital cards that have surfaced, is that I'm taking a screen grab of the front and back, adding the cards to my Linden Master List (indicating that it is indeed a "digital card") and treating them just like every other card on my wantlist.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing.  It's silly really......I don't "own" the card but I can access whenever I want to on the app just like I've brought it up so I could take a screen grab.  What's the difference between owning it and not??  It's all mental - it's all in my head.

But in my head......I don't own them.  So I am not crossing them off my list.

Side just sold for $5 on eBay - and was snatched up quick.

We wonder my co-workers think I'm weird.

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  1. I see digital cards on eBay left and right... but after all of these years, I'm still confused and don't care enough to actually do any research.