Thursday, April 29, 2021

OUTSIDE THE BOX - Topps Project70

For a person who has been fairly passive with the hobby these days, I can say that the past month has brought with it a number of exciting moments. New cards added to projects, seeing cards move on to a bigger and better cause, PC discoveries, jumping into new territories and another major update on a stolen collection.

Now if only I could find time to blog about it all.  Ha!

Seriously though, it really has got me excited and energized about card collecting. Not that I was ever down on it...but I love when things are on an upswing.

So let's start by checking out some new cards that come from a concept that is sweeping the hobby world.

I won't lie - I loved Topps Project 2020. I thought the idea was brilliant and they executed it to perfection. Add to that the incredible timing of a hobby surge and it was a true rollercoaster ride to watch over the past year.

While I didn't pick up any cards from the project, I'd be first in line if they ever did a coffee table book that depicts all 400 cards (with some info on each, interviews, etc).  It would be a 'can't miss' in my opinion.

The new year brought with it another online, limited-time-only artist product. Topps Project70 is a little more diverse in scope but never short on creativity. I kept my eyes open and decided to strike recently when a card came up that I just couldn't turn down.

Topps Project70
#70 Lou Gehrig
artist: Lauren Taylor

But first, let's take a look at this stunning Lou Gehrig offering from artist Lauren Taylor. If you don't follow her on social media, go check her out.  She does incredible work and has an equally incredible story.

This Gehrig just has an aura about it. I truly feel that it will be one of the iconic artist cards to come from this set - and all future Topps artist sets. It really is an eye-catcher.

I love the simplicity when you pull back and take a look at it from afar, but when you take a closer look at the details....stunning. It tells a story in the images yet it all revolves around Lou's face. It really utilizes positive and negative space so well. And the the muted greys and blues.

I decided to add this card to my cart since I was picking up another card - and figured I could save a bit on shipping (which is nasty going from the US to Canada).

Topps Project70
#78 Coco Crisp
artist: Jonas Never

When I saw this card on Topps' social media took me all of 10 seconds to decide that I had to add it to the Oscar Gamble collection. Any card that pays homage to the GOAT of all baseball cards gets a slot on the master checklist from me.

I've seen other Coco Crisp cards that accentuate his seeing this rendition didn't really surprise me.  I was a tad disappointed that the image feels a little off to me. He seems hunched or disproportioned a bit.  Maybe it's just me.

Still....a fun card.  So I added it to the cart.

Now these cards didn't break the bank by any means, but with the shipping, they weren't cheap. So I was absolutely pumped when I opened the mailing box to find not two Project70 envelopes inside...but three.

Occasionally, Topps will add parallel rainbow cards or artist proofs to random buyers. I got lucky and my number was called.

And I was even more excited with the results...

Topps Project70
Rainbow Foil  /70
#78 Coco Crisp
artist: Jonas Never

To get the rainbow parallel /70 of the Coco Crisp really made me smile. It's almost as if Topps knew I collected Oscar Gamble. The shimmer on the card is super-cool and I really like the way the card looks. The one touch holder it's in feels a little loose, but I can get past that (part of me wants to bust it open and hold the card itself).

I'll admit, I took a peek at some of the completed sales on this card on ebay...that was a nice treat to see. But fear not, this card isn't going anywhere. It's going to stay in the Oscar Gamble collection from here on out. I track down the Artist Proof /51? I am a completist after all.  :)

Or how about the gold border 1/1? (good thing it already sold)

 I don't think I'll be diving into many more Project70 cards...perhaps if Oscar Gamble himself gets the artist treatment. OK....if he gets a card, I'm buying it.  Nuff said.


  1. I'm glad I didn't see the Crisp on the Topps website... otherwise I would have been tempted to buy one for the collection and right now I'm trying to cut back on cards. The one thing that confuses me about the Coco is the date. Even though it's definitely a tribute to Oscar, I wish he would have used Coco's signing date (2009) instead of Oscar's date.