Saturday, April 8, 2023


The first weekend of April saw me venture off to a card show for the first time in months.

I love my local monthly show - something I've supported for decades, but the enthusiasm when perusing tables has dropped a bit over the past couple years. Many of the same vendors...often with the same cards just leaves me doing a quick lap before I exit.

Every once in a while there is a new face setting up...and that's what I get excited about.

So how about a show where there are many new faces.

The semi-annual card show that has become a staple in this city is one that I am certain to circle on the calendar. This spring, I was really looking forward to it with the new Linden cards out there.

I was a bit surprised to see fewer singles and inserts from the product than anticipated. In fact, only one measly Linden from SP Signature Legends was to be found - but it was the Ace of Spades for me.

The Linden Future Watch auto /199 was on the show floor and it was a fellow collector that pulled me over to the table that had it. It's as stunning as I'd hope it to be. But my jaw hit the floor for a different reason.

The price tag was more than double what I have spent on any top-end Linden auto in my collection, and a solid $100 more than what the card is currently going for on the open market. I did ask if I could hold it, take a closer look at it, but had absolutely no intention on buying it.

It's a desirable card no doubt. Any Linden collector would certainly be looking to add it to their collection, and I know there are set collectors for this dynamite insert. But there are 199 copies of this...I can wait.

A couple minutes later, I found another Linden auto that I needed...with an even more outlandish price tag slapped on it. The card was price almost 5 times what I've seen it go for on the open market. 

I told a number of people there that I'm still trying to adjust to the "new pricings" that have come with this recent pandemic boom of sportscards. I'm not used to seeing my guy command such a premium.

But I'm a patient guy. And even more importantly, I'm one who can pass by a Linden and have no problems not snagging it - I've done it many, many times over the past few years.

Still, it was a little disappointing to not hit a single card at the show.

Until late in the afternoon.

2021/22 Upper Deck SP Game Used
#52 Embroidered In History

This card was deep in the back of a monster box of inserts - almost begging me not to be found. But that's why we dig. I had a huge smile on my face when I saw the giant "Captain Canuck" manufactured patch.

The smile continued when I saw the reasonable price attached to it. I managed to get him to come down a bit on it and I feel we were both happy with the transaction. I paid a little more than the going rate (which I am happy to do when I can gain a card in person) and he made another sale on the day (the fact that this card was sitting deep in a box tells me it wasn't a big card for him). Win-win.

This card is a great reminder that there are always gems to be found and that patience and persistence are key. And like a great shot in golf...will always make me return for more.

I've already got the fall show marked on my calendar.


  1. Very cool manufactured patch. I just looked at who from the Sharks is on the checklist and was kinda shocked at how much vendors are asking on these.

    Anyways... glad you were able to find something from the card show. I know I've walked away empty-handed a few times and it's a little disappointing.

    1. It is. But I feel way better than I used to. I’m good with being patient and just listening to my gut. If it doesn’t feel comfortable…I won’t buy it.