Tuesday, April 23, 2024

MY COLLECTION - Hilarious Panini Redemption

One of the more humorous hobby days I've had this past year was when I received an e-mail from Panini regarding a redemption that had shipped.

That's right....a Panini hockey redemption. A sport they no longer produce. Thing is...I haven't redeemed anything from that company is many, many years.

So it was an intriguing headline for me to click on in my e-mail inbox to say the least.

Hey...I remember that card! I remember opening a pack of Titanium back in the day and pulling that redemption. And I remember going to the website and typing in all my info.

That was well over a decade ago!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

My interest was very high as I awaited this very important and special package to arrive. Took just a few days, but when I opened the bubble mailer...I got my second chuckle.

This is not the card I had redeemed. I guess it never got made (no kidding...it's been 13 years since the product came out). So they sent me a replacement. Apparently, the Flyers are a comparable choice.

Nice hard-signed card...of a guy I have zero interest in. Not that I was overly looking forward to a Zuccarello jersey/auto either. To the trade box it goes!!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

It gets better.

Here's another Flyer card. I've never heard of this guy.

For Panini to decide after over 12 years that these two cards would be good enough as a replacement...sure, why not. Dump the leftover product at this point.

I had given up hope years ago that I'd get anything. So something is better than nothing.


Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

So, what's the longest you've ever waited for a redemption? What's the longest you've ever waited for one to actually be dealt with?

(I feel like I've set some sort of record)  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


  1. Yeah, substituting Flyers cards for Rangers does seem particularly tone-deaf! But, yeah, something is better than nothing.

    I've only ever done, I think, 2 redemptions (neither pulled by me--one was bought on eBay and the other given to me by a blogger) and both came back reasonably quickly. Certainly nothing like what happened here!

  2. I've waited a few years... but nothing close to a decade. Glad they sent something, but shame on them for making you wait so long.