Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ONE SHEET, ONE SET - 1998/99 OPC Chrome

This week's set was one that was a bit of a "love-hate" set for me. (the Scott Gomez RC in this set was going for crazy prices back in the day and still has a higher value placed on it than I thought it would).

1998/99 OPC Chrome (Main Set)

On first look, this set is really appealing. It is a parallel set to the OPC set released. This set has a chrome look to them and the card stock is thicker and feels kind of plastic-like.

It's a 242 card set with 220 main cards and the rest are draft pick cards and CHL All-Star cards.

The front of the card is a full body player shot and for the most part, the photo and player selection is neither good nor bad. Pretty "middle of the road". The top and side of the card is diffused a bit to offer a little bit of a border. It's a nice touch - when the photo really makes it punch (like the Brett Hull or Keith Primeau) as opposed to just "being there" (like the John Vanbiesbrouck).

Top corner logo (and you'll note how many player photos don't match the team logo...still a problem with today's releases. You'd think with all the technology that they could update things faster). The brown/beige outer border is again ok, but for some reason just doesn't appeal to me. The "chrome" look could have been better - if that's what they were trying to pull off.

The name is vertical along the side and is often hard to read due to the photo in the background. I don't recall this being as bad in the non-chrome series.

The back of the card actually looks pretty good. A nice layout with a spot for a second photo. Yet they still get a bunch of stats on the card. Just a side note. I tend to prefer when a card has a different photo on the reverse side rather than using the same photo on both sides.

The name font styles are AGAIN ok. Nothing really sticks out as ugly and the sizes in proportion to everthing works for me.

Overall, guess what, it's OK! Not a must have, but a nice set to go after. This one I think will fluctuate a little more in price if you're looking to build the set. A "smart shopper" though will find it a good value.


2.5 masks out of 5

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