Monday, October 19, 2009


Twice in the last week, I have come across online auctions selling custom made cards. I must say, it bothered me quite a bit.

I have been dabbling in custom cards for a few years now, designing card styles from scratch, mocking up some retro looking cards and even (on occasion) tending to a request or two.

Never once has the thought of selling my custom cards on ebay even crossed my mind.

I have seen cards trimmed with an edger, I've seen full out customs with clearly unauthorized photos, I've seen blatant rip-offs of current card designs and I've seen jersey and patch insertion and/or replacement.

Most times, the sellers "cover their butts" by indicating that the card is a custom and for entertainment purposes only.

I call bullcrap on that one. Clearly if sellers are putting comments like this in their auction, they know full well the copyright issues they are ignoring.

I bet that if the big boys caught wind of these guys' tactics, they'd have a harsh word or two for them. But I guess as the old saying goes - It's easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

I'm all for showing off you design, heck - I'm even for making a buck or two on them, but do it legally. To put your work out there for millions to see - and blatantly rub the consumer's nose in it, makes me shake my head.

It's no different than if they were to put together a mix cd of their favorite songs, slap a label on it and try and advertise it as a unique "one of a kind" item.

Give me a break. Stop peddling your "goods" and stop giving custom card makers a bad name.

Just my opinion.


  1. It's yet another instance of people unwilling to do things the right way. Besides, I doubt they'll make much, if any, money.

  2. Not much money - per card. But if you're selling 200 cards (at a time) for $6-7 a adds up.

    It also reminds me of guys selling 8x10 photos over and over again. Scanning and reprinting can be a huge moneymaker .

    If anything, it reinforces to me the way I want to do things.