Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ONE SHEET, ONE SET - 2007/08 SPx

I gotta say, taking a closer look at all these different sets really has given me a much greater appreciation for the design element of trading cards.

There are so many different, creative thoughts that seem to go into designing trading cards. I can only wonder what goes through the minds of those who are responsible for creating the cards we so cherish.

This week's installment looks at another set that is new to me and it really has an eye catching look to it.

2007/08 SPx

This set really takes advantage of the technology available when making cards. Thick card stock, shiny card face and player cutouts pin this set to a T.

The 07/08 release of SPx was a 236 card set with cards 101-236 being of the rookie and numbered variety. The 100 card base set is what I will be focusing on.

The front of the card has a really nice horizontal design (which I am a big fan of). The player photo consists of a full shot (on most occasions) and doesn't utilize much of an action shot, but more of a "right turn, left turn" look. Not terrible, but can get a little mundane.

The background uses the team color and the SPx letters fairly effectively. The photo is doubled up on the right side and I approve of it's usage (cause it's not on the back of the card). The team logo (as small as it is) apparently needs to have half the card reserved for it. It looks a little wimpy. Good try though.

The team name and brand logo in the top right and the player name in the bottom left. Position in the bottom right and a very subtle number text in the bottom right of the 'X'. Simple, yet effective.

One thing that impresses me is the use of textures on the background. The lines used in the middle of the card works and the various textures on the top and bottom of the card add a balance to the card.

The back of the card shows off more of the background textures. Exposed like this is a little too harsh for me. Subtle is the way to go. Again, the logo gets lots of room to run around. I think it's a waste of space. The name, position and team seem fairly big and I'm starting to notice that things are a little out of whack on the back.

Uh oh, stats. Can you see them...they're little and tiny and you only get some of the player's career. Again, give me more complete stats. Look at all the blank space - wasted! Yet they give me some comment on the player in a larger text font.

The bottom third of the card is just logos and copyrights. One nice thing they added though is the name of the set (something that has become more of a constant in today's releases...I like it).

Overall, not a terrible looking set. Definite room for improvement, but has a lot of positive qualities.

This set emulates it's design. Not too cheap, not too expensive. This was a mid-range release because of the shortprints in the set. However, the base set could probably be had for $10-15.

3 masks out of 5

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