Wednesday, November 18, 2009

REVIEW: 2009/10 Upper Deck Series I

Well, normally I'm not one to bust packs (but I find myself opening more ever since I started this blog....hmmmm), but with the release of this year's Upper Deck - I couldn't resist.

I was good though. Only 4 packs for me.

I've always been a fan of Upper Deck's photography and the hopes of snagging a John Tavares RC pushed me over the edge.

The base cards were no disappointment from a photography standpoint. The design is a little on the boring side, but I've seen worse - much worse.

The player selection, even from the 4 packs I bought, varies from young stars to the big names to the journeymen. A great selection. At 200 cards for the base set, it's a must for set collectors.

The inserts were on my side tonight. The
Young Guns are 1:4, UD Game Jerseys are 1:12 and the Top Guns are 1:24 packs.

The hot news right now is how the Young Gun inserts are creased coming out of the rollers and this one is no exception. I doubt I will go through the hassle of getting it replaced (so remember that if you want to trade me for it).

Overall, a nice set (a nice addition to my 'One Sheet, One Set' collection) and a fun pack break.


  1. For a variety of reasons, financial among them, I believe our collecting efforts for Series I will be measured in packs or, perhaps, a blaster box. Your pulls, though, give us hope. Thanks.

  2. Some of the inserts in this year's set look nice. Looking forward to seeing what you guys get.