Monday, November 23, 2009


Milestone card #50 is brought to you this week. Still really enjoying the project. I'm already thinking of ways to modify this for next year.


Year In Cards - nov22a

Year In Cards - nov16a

Year In Cards - nov17b

Year In Cards - nov17a

Year In Cards - nov18b

Year In Cards - nov18a

Year In Cards - nov19b

Year In Cards - nov19a

Year In Cards - nov20b

Year In Cards - nov20a

Year In Cards - nov21b

Year In Cards - nov21a

Year In Cards - nov22b

Year In Cards - nov22a


  1. I'm curious as to how you could even improve upon this top-shelf idea, sir. Week after week, it is history in progress. Like I said before, I'd trademark this idea before UD steals it.

  2. I'm toying with the idea of doing a set called "Season" which would be the same idea, but following only one team.

    So every time Calgary would play (for example). I would do a card. I could even expand it to include practice and off ice events (charities, etc).

    The other one would be a "Capture the Moment" set which would take the best of the best in photos from the games.

    There have been some great photos that I haven't used this season (hits, saves, etc.) because the game hasn't been an important one. This set would celebrate the great photography that is out there on a nightly basis.

    You think something as simple as a idea for a "Year In Cards" set could be copyrighted? I've never thought about it.

  3. damn! copyright! good idea. think i'll run out tomorrow and do that! if you can do that, you should. then complete the set...print it...and send it to upper deck. you could probably make a mint and get a job out of it!

  4. Oh, don't tempt me.

    It can't be that easy - can it?

    I'm sure the NHL would take issue on the photos I've used.....maybe.

  5. well, you're not selling them. you're just using them for your own hobby and showcasing them to people. upper deck won't care...especially if they like what they see. at worst...they (or the nhl) would tell you to stop posting them online (they can't stop you from doing it at home) and i can't even see them saying that.

  6. Good point.

    I'll take a serious look at printing these out.

    Gotta use my die cutter for something!

  7. Just remember where you got the idea from, okay? ;-) I know of someone who might like a set. Hope all's well.