Sunday, April 18, 2010

1 vs. 100 - I can't wait anymore!

OK. So I've been sitting on a few of these cards for almost a month. I was waiting for one more card to come in, but sadly it has not yet arrived. I'm thinking it's either caught up at the US border, or it is lost.

I will still keep a lookout for it as I have faith it will one day turn up.

That said, I've made some solid strides in my project. So let's get going.

This Steve Kariya (yes, that's Paul's younger brother) is the Premiere Date version /73.

I purchased this card as well as the next one off of one of the Hobby Insider board members. I know without a doubt that the completion of this project will rely heavily on the transactions I make on that site.

This Hasek /92 is a card from a set I've never seen before.

I think it's kind of cool to add some cards that are unique to the really adds to the diversity.

Next up are a couple of ebay purchases.

This Conklin /89 is a really nice card (the scan does it no justice). The blue really pops and is quite vibrant. A nice add.

The Richards /38 was the lowest numbered card in the lot (until I went to the local card show last weekend).

Again, it's a great looking card in person. Funny thing is, I once owned a different copy of this card. I saw it at the card show and knew someone who collected Brad Richards. I grabbed it cheap (not as cheap as I got this copy for) and passed the card along to the collector.

I'm happy to have this one back.

Next, a trade from the HI boards. This Primeau /69 came all the way from Finland. The scan is super ugly, but the card looks great in person. It's got a 'rainbow-mirrored' look to it.

The final card for now is a real find.

The 2009/10 SP Game Used set was recently released and in it is an insert set that will be a huge help to me. The 'Significant Numbers' set this year has cards numbered to the player's jersey number. Thank you Upper Deck.

Shane Doan's card is /19. And to make things even sweeter, it's got a piece of his jersey on it AND it's autographed.

A great looking card, low numbered and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

I'm really happy to add these to the set. I hope to have a few more here to add in the not too distant future.

37 out of 100 (37%)