Friday, April 16, 2010

HOCKEY POOL: Playoff Edition

Here it is! The knowledge base that sent me to the top of the regular season pool somehow figured that THIS would be the winning playoff draft.


First of all, let me say that I hate my team. I hated my team half way through the draft. I cringed when I said the name Drew Doughty. I cringed more when Mike Richards came out of my mouth. I was banging my head on the wall when Tom Poti was my final selection.

This is one ugly team.

Just so you know, I chose 3rd in a 9 person reverse draft. I was stunned to get Ovechkin (although after last night's game he's not looking too swift).

It seemed that goalies and defencemen were being snapped up at an alarming rate. As well, it was in almost every round that I would have my pick ready only to have the guy choosing before me take him. Once or twice in a pool is common. Seven or eight times is ridiculous.

It'll be a miracle for me to somehow pull this rabbit out of the hat.

That said, I have been known to dabble in magic.


  1. hard to say without seeing the other teams, but i don't think its too bad. not crazy about the philly and la picks, though. osgood, too, but i imagine there wasn't much else left in the 11th round. good luck!

  2. WHen you picked a goalie, you ended up with the whole team...that's why I have Osgood. He wasn't an actual pick.

    There are a few other teams that really did a nice job of getting quality players from the two teams they feel will make the finals.

    I have Washington and Detroit (originally it was Vancouver, but a lot of people were taking Van.)

    I'm kicking myself for not taking Corvo instead of Poti. I totally forgot about him....and I had him in the regular season pool.