Thursday, April 22, 2010

BOX BREAK: 2008/09 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces

Another box break to show off. This one was from my afternoon of splurging back a few weeks ago.

I bought this box the same day I picked up a couple of Between The Pipes boxes.

All I have to say is...I'm glad I did.

2008/09 Upper Deck
Legends Masterpieces

I had been seeing cards from this set popping up on ebay, at card shows and being shown off in trade boards. I must say that the concept and design of what I saw was really nice.

The box was a little pricier than I would normally consider (anything over $125 is normally a no for me...especially after a couple of BTP boxes).

First off is a real nice box topper. This 5x7 jumbo card really shows off the essence of the set. A canvas looking card with a painted picture. I really like the border on the item as well. Bobby Hull...not bad.

The base cards are really eye catching. Capturing some of the most iconic moments in hockey. How can you go wrong. The quality in the work is fantastic. My only beef is that the white border is a bit of a letdown when you compare it to the insert cards.

Now these I like. The bordered cards really complete the effect that this set is going for. I had a third card but I was kind enough to trade it away to someone who was building the set.

This Jari Kurri card has a blue border and is serial numbered /50. A great box hit...and it's only just beginning.

The jersey cards are quite nice. At first, I didn't appreciate what I had. It wasn't until after I opened the box that I went back to look at the cards and realized - hey, I've got a Bobby Clarke Jersey and a Darryl Sittler jersey. Now that's cool.

I got two autographed cards in my box to finish off the hits.

This one, Walt 'Don't call me Keith' Tkaczuk is a bit of a ho-hum. He's probably one of the more common base cards in the set.

He's got a neat looking signature and it's hard signed on the sticker. Nice.

But the king of the mountain for this box break really gave me great excitement...even if he is my nemesis.

This Mark Messier autograph is the green border version and is numbered to just 15!

A hard signed Messier...numbered to 15...LOVE IT!!!

Mark Messier in a Rangers jersey...not so much.

I guess I can look the other way until I unload this card. The last one went for $250 as a 'Buy It Now' on ebay. If I can get that much, I'd be more than happy.


  1. You mean there was no damage to any of your bordered cards? Lucky you....and nice pull on the Messier!

  2. even made me double check them.

    Curious to know if this is a common thing?

  3. Well, I don't know if it's common or I just got very unlucky, but I opened a box and 2 of my brown bordered cards (a Bobby Hull and a Gretzky!) and my Harry Howell autograph had some nasty peeling on the borders. On the Howell, one of the letters from "Masterpieces" is missing due to the peeling.

  4. What jersey did the Sittler card use? A Team Canada?

  5. Interesting stuff when looking at the back of the two jersey cards.

    The Clarke cays that the jersey was "used in an official NHL game". The Sittler says "is a piece of memorabilia that has been certified to us as having been used in an event".

    Huh? An EVENT can be anything. Could they be any more vague?

    My guess would be one of those oldtimers/legends games. They seem to use a lot of those jerseys for these types of applications.

    Sheesh! A two color jersey doesn't seem so impressive now.

  6. Sorry. We just got a Victor Hedman jersey card that was used in an official "photo shoot." I knew that going in, so we'll add it, hopefully, to the Threads project some day.

  7. I will give you 250.00 for that card right now.... how I contact you?

    1. Hi Wade,

      Sorry, the card was traded a couple years back. I can see if the person I traded it to still has it. If so, I will post a reply.

      It might be a bit as I don't know when I'll see him next. Could be early to mid-June.

  8. Looking for sketch cards for 2008 Masterpieces.. Anyone know where I can find any?

    1. I know there are collectors who chase them on various hobby boards and eBay is always my first avenue for finding stuff.

      Good luck in with the hunt.