Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The playoffs are in full swing!

That means tight checking, great goaltending, low scores...I can't wait.

What? How many goals? Are you kidding me?

Have you noticed how many games there have been thusfar where a team pots 5 or more goals? Even with some of the inexperienced goalies out there, I never would have thought there would have been as many as there have been (9 with 2 games remaining on Tuesday night).

What does that have to do with this card?


2009/10 Upper Deck Series II
#363 Brent Seabrook

To capture a moment like this really takes a keen eye...it's not just luck.

What I love about it are the ice shavings flying up onto the glass, the fact that Brent isn't the main focus when you take a first look...it's Kariya. Not a good look for him. And Seabrook's expression is priceless.

Actually, this card reeks of the style of play that I dream of seeing in the playoffs.

Laying everything on the line, giving more than 110%, turning it up to 11 - that's what I want to see.

At times, there has been some great playoff hockey. Other times, a dud of an egg has been laid.

Seabrook and his fellow Hawks are knee deep in a battle with Nashville...can you believe it?

Hopefully, the style of hockey that got them to the dance will get them a second song.

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